Step 8: Salesmanship Mentality

John Carlton: Learning to step up and BE that guy you need to be, to convince your prospect to buy, will trump everything else.

Some modifications of my SWS work:

  • My technical skills are world-class. I’ve written thousands of pages of technical documentation, I was an IT manager for a while, I’ve taught thousands (about 3,000) students all kinds of technical stuff…from beginning to advanced Microsoft Office Applications to the most advanced custom software applications (like investment stuff…seriously complicated…and fun!); I know how to create websites, I dabble in code, and where my skills let up, I hire experts and purchase solutions instead of getting stuck.
  • I’ve taught music, software, technical stuff, and language courses. I have experience as a trainer/teacher in both academic and business environments. With both of my parents having taught at universities, I am a born teacher. I’ve also designed training programs for companies, so benefits from my experience in instructional design and training.
  • I simply will not keep your money, if you are not satisfied with If you benefit from my services and take your money back, then I really don’t want to know you. Otherwise, I will only accept your money, if you are grateful to me and happy with my service.


  • I have the technical and marketing know-how that your business needs to put its best foot forward online. I personally developed the concept of “profitable physische und online unternehmensintegration” which means “profitable online offline business integration.” I have applied and tested numerous marketing strategies in several niches and understand that one needs to be flexible, cool, capable, and one absolutely MUST approach online offline business integration from a profit generation standpoint. Profits must be built into each component of your online presence, your listbuilding campaigns, and done wrong, you just come off like a real ass hole. Done right, you are the coolest business in your niche. That is what I want for you, to become the coolest business in your niche due to your online awareness and campaigns.
  • I am the right person for you, because you simply can’t get this combo of tech and info savvy anywhere else (ehh…I don’t “know” that, so it’s egotistical to say).

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