Step 5: Bullets

  • A website that uses a blog CMS so that you and your employees can easily log into your site and make posts.
  • A blogging strategy that makes sure you and your employees create posts that facilitate your business objective (profit)
  • Social Media posts and strategy that stems from the willingness and interests of you and your employees (that’s not English…) anyway…so, you and your employees post stuff you’re happy about, and your audience enjoys…all the while facilitating profits.
  • Top search engine placement (and top placement in mobile searches) that make sure you are right there where your online traffic is looking for you.
  • Website hosting to make the whole thing easy and relaxing for you.
  • ListBuilding technology and marketing knowledge that brings in a consistent flow of prospects from Internet searches and traffic using effective lead magnets.
  • Highest quality Autoresponder, emailing and list management technology that makes sure your emails are not only delivered, but that your business does NOT wind up on spam lists (or worse yet, fined for spam infringements). Just one complaint can be a pain in the butt, and can cost you deliverability and money.
  • Effective List Conversion email marketing campaign strategies that increase the feeling of good will in your list while maximizing your profits.

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