Step 4: Master List of Features and Benefits

Ongoing Blog Content
Blog Content that moves web visitors to pre-determined business-serving target goals
Social media
Ongoing social media content that moves web visitors to pre-determined business-serving target goals
Search Engine Optimization (top search engine placement)
Hosted Website

ListBuilding technology and account (value $99/month)
Autoresponder Technology
List Management Technology
Effective ListBuilding strategies like developing attractive lead magnets to grow your list

List Conversion:
Effective email marketing campaign strategies that increase the feeling of good will in your list while maximizing your profits.

Relax, done for you, make money, Internet Savvy.
There is nothing cooler right now than being Internet Savvy. There is nothing cooler than being found on the iPhone and being mobile compatible…even if you are a traditional Vienna Business.
Being first is rewarded greatly online, when you are first, search engines rank you better because of your web history.
Building real relationships in a virtual environments…your client base has always been and will always be a community. You serve these people and they pay your bills. Businesses that will survive in the future will have a virtual environment that their community can enjoy. The community will support the business by purchasing, interacting, providing feedback for what they like and do not like, and smart business owners will listen to their communities. The business owners who do not listen to their customer base will lose customers, shrivel up, and find their rightful place as has-beens and also rans, bankrupt, closed doors, laid off their workers, etc.
Most of all, the benefit is increased profits that simultaneously increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Because of the online environment, with the right collection of technical skills, hardware properly configured, marketing savvy, a growing happy list of prospects and clients, and the ability test campaigns in a your community…businesses create a virtual space that feeds and nourishes their physical business…and they do so in a way that does not “cost” flesh and blood. The “work” is really fun, relaxing, enjoyable and profitable.

For example: a family-run specialty restaurant begins to cultivate its online community. It shares recipes how-to information…begins importing specialty wines and oils. They also begin to make their own brand of specialty spiced oils, which they first offer to their loyal customer base. Then, they begin to sell those oils online to a larger audience…all the while supported by their loyal customer base…who say nice things about the restaurant and how it’s run…and of course…about their specialty oils. When events come around, about 1% of their free opt-in list shows up, and that totally fills the house. They record a special concert and the performer agrees to provide a song or two to the restaurant’s list for free. The performer does so and has an affiliate program in place. So, let’s say 5,000 people have access to 3 of this performer’s live songs and again, 1% purchase the produced album from the performer. The performer sells an extra 50 copies, and the whole online community is enjoying 3 extra tunes. The restaurant also begins to sell recipe books, have cooking classes, etc.

1) Online-Offline Business Integration = Virtual and Physical Business Integration
2) List Management: tech solution and marketing consulting package
3) Top search engine rankings, great lead magnets (and testing methods), list conversion strategies
4) Solutions that range from pure coaching to “done-for-you” online biz implementation

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