Step 3: Your USP…PUS

John Carlton calls it PUS:

Position Yourself Uniquely To Sell

I guess that’s PYUTS. Har har.

“We give people with tinnitus the power to heal themselves by learning from people who have done it successfully.”

What does “what I sell” do for my customer?
Zeit, Geld, Gelassenheit is a bit of a catch phrase I developed…not sure if people like it…

It means: time, money, and serenity

Less esoteric: I relieve all online marketing stress, take care of all the social media crap, organize employee participation so that the business has a continuous and useful stream of Internet Content, and orchestrate/coordinate the virtual environment (online) such that it creates sustainable profits for the business.


Hmmm: Kunden‐Loyalität, Kunden‐Zufriedenheit und Profit steigern!

Think in terms of a non-clever slogan:

Ich helfe Wiener Unternehmer eine Profitable Physische und Virtuelle Business (or say UnternehmensIntegration) Integration durchzuführen, die Kunden‐Loyalität, Kunden‐Zufriedenheit und Profit gleichzeitig steigert.

Translation: I help Vienna business owners implement/create/enact/enable a profitable physical and virtual business integration that simultaneously increases client loyalty, satisfaction and profits.

(the translation is not as good as the German version)

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  1. admin says:

    …this needs to include: continuous flow. What I mean by that is that businesses LOSE if they consider their websites “finished.” Therefore, spending “a lot” on a “high quality” website right now…is actually a really bad idea. What you want to spend money on is the capacity to convey you content in the most compelling fashion NOW, using the coolest tools of right now, and you want to be able to preserve and reuse the content that matters to you and works for you, and throw away what does not serve you easily. So, that means that the separation of design and content is critical, which blogging provides. It also means changing the mindset of your website from one of owning an online brochure, to running an online interactive community

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