Step 2: Your Avatar

Who are you selling to?
Local businesses in Vienna Austria, who meet, as closely as possible, the 4 parameters I outlined in my “double your profits in 3-6 months” video here:


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6.1) High search volume for a high-profit product: kitchen remodeling, towing, dentist, unlock my door (aufsperdienst), etc.
6.2) High sales volume
6.3) Small percentage of Total Market Volume
6.4) Analyze Current Local Business Search Placement in Search Engines and move forward with physical and virtual sales process integration (be found, build a list, convert the list).

Here are some guesses, and I’ve tested a few of these a bit:The German equivalent of:
lawyer in Vienna
bar in Vienna
kitchen remodeling in Vienna
dentist in Vienna
buy a watch in Vienna
tow service in Vienna
Glass expert in Vienna
locksmith in Vienna

More INFO:

What are her needs, where does it hurt?
More customers, higher profits, secure future, online savvy, online traffic and conversions, awesome relationship with their customer base.

It hurts: they really hate the Internet. They hate social media, they hate FaceBook and Twitter even more. They hate it so much as to “believe” that Internet Marketing is irrelevant to their business.

What does she need to hear from you to feel good about buying?
I’ll do it for you, it’s totally cool. This will pay for itself. You have no risk. You have a friend with the right tech, marketing, and online savvy to give you a presence as if you’d spent a million bucks for pennies on the dollar…and you’ll not only look insanely cool, but you’ll have initiated an ever growing source of profits and relationship building for your business.

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  1. admin says:

    Target market: the 4 criteria from the video. Business Owners I know. People I’ve made offers to in the past but for some reason…have not closed. Interesting how that resembles the “leave no stone unturned” map, but is just in a tighter niche.

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