Step 16: Knock ‘em off the fence

Carlton does this with bonuses. Austrians may find bonuses “cheap.” They like “gifts”


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  1. admin says:

    And you know what?

    …I’ll also make your blog for you
    …I’ll coach you on creating a compelling lead magnet
    …I’ll create online campaigns with you until you are satisfied that you can create them on your own
    …I’ll come and help you shoot your videos

    Is this good?

    Selling coaching and then saying, well, you know what…for you…I’ll also create the blog for you…that could be a “knock them off the fence thing.” Basically…I sell coaching and it’s all about coaching and profits and benefits…

    Then I say, well…of course I can integrate with your current web team, but if you say yes by Friday, cuz I’m good at this and have a good team backing me up…I’ll create a blog for your business…basically redoing your website…and if you like it, you can keep it, free of charge.

    Something like that…

    but if I need a login to their host, things can get ugly.

    Did you know that some austrian servers even run WP like complete shit? It’s a nightmare…they won’t set the setting so that WP works.

    Again: they are doing things the way they’ve always done them and WHAT? You need WordPress to work? Umm…we have enough clients who work with other technologies thank you good bye.

    They will literally scorn your business, scoff at you (even if you are their client), and sneer about you, the customer, expecting something from THEM! How dare a customer expect something from a STORE? From a business?

    Sorry, we tell you what we have to offer and if you want it, you can buy it. Period. Otherwise, go away.

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