Step 1: Market Research (The elevator conversation)

My first attempt from Carlton’s SWS:

Who are you?
I am a composer and I compose various kinds of media like music, text, video, even entire communities that reflect my core values of integrity, honesty, kindness, and consistency. I am passionate about living a robust green lifestyle of harmonious joy, abundance, health, wealth, wisdom and nurturing sustainability. Put together, I call that living a life of “sustainable bliss.”

What do I sell?
I sell information products that help people become better songwriters, sight-singers, live more sustainable and happier lives, and can teach people how to heal themselves of tinnitus.

Why are you in this biz?
I am in this businesses because these “niches” are a logical extension of myself and my passions. I can help others by being in this business.

What do I do for my customers
Basically, I “lift the veil,” “expose the underlying matrix/pattern/grid,” “provide the tools,” “give the advice” that people need to really see what is necessary for rock-solid musicianship and what’s really going on with their lives (and exactly what they need to do) if they are “stuck” with tinnitus. My information “clears the fog” and puts people on the right track with a solid foundation. I help my customers connect with and respect their own inner genius and I help them clear away the issues that are holding them back.

Gun to my head biz choice
If I had a gun to my head and told I had to stay in a biz for 5 years, I’d want to write music. Songs for film, choral soundfonts, cool ass compositions, surround sound stuff.

PS: Each of my businesses essentially would warrant a different “who are you?” In one, I’m someone who had howling tinnitus, who traveled the world to learn how to heal himself, who created an organization where people can learn from folks who have healed themselves. However, with someone else next to me in the elevator…or a barstool over…who may be struggling with songwriting, my “who are you” would be different.

After getting my ass-kicked by my John Carlton SWS Coach:

…oh, I overheard that you are suffering with tinnitus…I’m so sorry to hear that…

Who are you?
I am a composer and I used to have howling tinnitus, at least right when I came down with it. Instead of committing suicide or living in misery, I flew around the world and learned to resolve my tinnitus issue.

What do I sell?
Basically, because it got too expensive for me to keep flying around the world meeting various practitioners, I started interviewing them via telephone and online. I developed the concept that it makes sense to learn from people who had already healed themselves of tinnitus, so I met as many people who had done so as I could. I met some amazing therapists and people, and one therapist in particular wanted to work with me to create an online learning platform for people to heal themselves of tinnitus. His name is Julian Cowan Hill and he had tinnitus for 20 years and though he is partially deaf, he does not have tinnitus anymore, and he knows how to help people “out from tinnitus.” So, I sell online access to our eCourses and membership community that help people heal themselves of tinnitus by learning from folks who’ve already done it.

Why are you in this biz?
Tinnitus sucks. It’s miserable to have tinnitus. It’s amazing how many people have it, and how alone people feel with it. I still have a tiny eety bitty bit of it left, and even though most people who’ve come as far as I have consider themselves cured…I mean, my hearing is incredible now…my remaining slight bit of tinnitus that I can sometimes hear while falling asleep or waking up…is why I created I just really like hanging out with people who have already accomplished what I’ve set out to accomplish for myself. It helps so very much.

I host our online Cure Tinnitus Show and each show is just so settling. I feel better for having hosted the show, our viewers get their questions answered and share their concerns, and so the whole community is just great.

Also, if you want to find out more about it, you’ll find that tinnitus is actually a normal and healthy immune response, and it’s really a blessing that you have it now, since it’s like a warning siren that forces you to get your act together before having a stroke, or another kind of “even worse” breakdown. As I started getting better, at first, I volunteered online and it got to be over 2hrs per day, and it was clear that most people did not really “value” the information enough to make significant life changes based on the information I was able to provide. Now that it’s a business and people pay for access to our courses, what keeps me in the business is the incredible stories our members send me. Their success, their relief, their life improvement is what keeps me in this business. I am regularly moved to tears by the messages of relief and learning sent to me by members of

What do I do for my customers
Basically, we “clear the fog,” of tinnitus. Members learn how to heal themselves by learning from those who have already done it. Some move very quickly and have an “aha moment” that causes their tinnitus to disappear immediately. Others have paths that take a longer, but the good thing is that relief feels GOOD! Once you “get” and apply the principles we teach at, you’ll know what you need to do to manage, reduce, relieve, and possibly eliminate your tinnitus. We can’t promise “the ultimate success,” however, we can promise that our path helps you feel better fast, helps you manage your situation where you are now, and shows you a clear “roadmap” out from tinnitus and “into” well being.

We are also deeply dedicated to influencing tinnitus research.

My WhoAmI From Frank Kern’s Core Influence:

A wealthy multi-business owner. I buy and create businesses that help the world. I’ve composed ground-breaking historically significant works of music. I’ve invented funny and useful things that millions of people have purchased and benefitted from. I spread the love. People feel good near me, around me, and I feel good about myself and my life. I have a happy family and a loving wife who is kind to me and good for me. I have 4 children and they’re happy and are being raised to be competent, loving, stable, financially secure, contributors to society and the world. I’ve written songs that have been heard by millions, played billions of times, that are enjoyed and folks derive special meaning from my songs because I touch them, I touch their hearts, their minds, and their souls in the most beatiful and divine of ways. I’ve been in a feature film and I really did super-great. I make people laugh heartily and sincerely. They like that, and so do I.

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  1. admin says:

    Now doing it for

    …oh, i heard you
    -need more customers
    -want higher profits
    -consider your website an expense instead of a revenue-generator
    -are annoyed about all this social media stuff and know it’s important, you also know it’s necessary to secure your profit streams, but you just don’t want to do it yourself, don’t know where to begin exactly, and you certainly don’t want it to be expensive.

    Brian: Which one? Other “I overheard topics?”

    Who are you?
    I am a composer who used to be dismal at selling stuff online. With technical aptitude and experience as an IT consultant, trainer, and technical writer, my websites flew to the top of Google, but it was a major expense for me, because I wasn’t appropriately selling my products. Instead of living the life of a broke artist, I learned sales psychology and something called “direct marketing” and applied it to my online businesses. Now I can not only gain top search engine positions, but I know how to create online presences that bring in profits. So, for a very select group of clients, I help local businesses cultivate excellent relationships with their client bases through online/offline business integration, which makes the businesses really look super cool and positions them as celebrity-authority type companies in their niches, and secures ever-increasing profits.

    What do you sell: I sell a variety of products and services, and the product that is most relevant to local business owners in Vienna, is my online/offline business integration package. It is also called “Profitable Physische und Virtuelle Unternehmensintegration.”

    Why are you in this biz:
    First off, because it’s really annoying to see online brochures and money wasted on design without securing profit. I like profits and I can’t stand to see a business waste its money on an ineffective web presence.

    What do you do for your customers?
    The shortest answer is: I help them use the latest Internet developments like social media, FaceBook, Twitter, Blogging, Mobile Phone Searches combined with Top Search Engine Placement, eMail List Building, and eMail list “conversion” strategies (that means making money from your list), to help local businesses secure their position in the market, look really cool, create a glowing super satisfied and growing online community, generate new business, create additional revenue streams, and well…use the Internet as a vehicle for profits.

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