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  1. admin says:

    On Aug 31, 2010, at 6:37 PM, Joshua Shafran wrote:

    Call me a rebel with a cause but I LOVE it
    when someone stands up and says, “To hell
    with all of your rules and guidelines!
    I’m doing it MY way!”

    I’ve been a HUGE advocate for this kind of
    action for decades.

    When a student of anything, especially making
    money online, draws a line in the sand, stands
    tall and proud, and says, “NO MORE!” I love it.

    “I’ve listened to your advice Mr. Guru. I’ve
    followed your plan Miss expert. I’ve done
    everything you’ve told me to do and stayed
    away from everything you told me to stay
    away from.”

    I’ve learned enough from you to stand on my
    own 2 feet and I’m going to flush your ways
    down the toilet, take what I learned from you,
    and do it MY way!”

    Now are you ready for the sweet sugar on top
    of the cake?

    They go out and make money! Not just a couple
    bucks but real 6 and 7 figure money!

    That’s when new trends start surfacing for
    making money online.

    My friend Matt decided to cut the umbilical
    cord, carve out his own way, and go
    against the “guru and experts” advice.

    But the 2 biggest questions on your mind have
    to be:

    1. What did he do?

    2. Can I do it too?

    Well I can answer the second one right now.

    YES! And not only can you, I think everyone who
    is not an expert should go about making money
    online this way because it’s a pond that the big
    fish don’t dare go in.

    (Mostly because they’re afraid of getting their
    egos bruised because you won’t find multi million
    dollar product launches and crazy stuff like that
    in this pond… at least not yet.)

    So it’s far more easy to make money in because
    you’re not competing with the big boys head to
    head against their own techniques and strategies.
    (Yeah I know, it sounds REALLY messed up when you
    read that doesn’t it?)

    Anyway, a new trend is being born but I’m no expert
    at it so I’ll let Matt tell you about it.

    Let me get some info on it and I’ll get it to you
    ASAP ok?

    To your success,

    Joshua Shafran

    P.S. I’m still smiling with pride because someone
    stood up to the “bullies” who wouldn’t let anyone
    else on the playground…

    Ahhhhh… sweet, sweet, karma… ;-)


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