Frank Kern’s Process

Get everyone in my niche to work together to help people with (issue/desire) tinnitus…

What they sell
What segment of the market (who?)
That segments biggest outcome (what they want) (the magic behind this person’s program)

Mike Filsaime:
Sells largely to the beginner market
Outcome: to get started really

DWM: Do the List
DWM: Come up with the best way I can help each “competitor.”
Frank Kern could film something for beginners

So then I have a list of specific ways I can help each and every one of these people.

What a syndicate winds up doing is helping everyone else grow. Deliberately endorse each others products…don’t step on each others relationship…the bigger they get, the bigger I get.

ATA: get them members.
What country are you in?
1) Join your national Tinnitus Association.

John Reese is a health dude?

2) Set up a meeting.
3) Have something I can show the group

IF Hypnosis products
Get together with hypnosis people
They do PPC to sales letter stuff
Could get together and teach them the boomerang campaign
Teach them
I deliver the most value
I become the “Godfather” I become the Ringleader…
They, because of our built in human need for significance and contribution, they are going to start sharing with each other and me the stuff that’s working on their end.
We’ll end up with a group of industry figureheads to figure out what’s working

Here’s where the real power comes in.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 biggest competitors in a market
They have the attention of 90% of the market.

If I have 5/10 in my syndicate…then I have the attention of 80% of the market or so.

Eben Pagan
Jeff Walker
Mike Filsaime
Frank Kern
Andy Jenkins
If they email their lists on the same day, then 95% of the niche would get the email.

Now instead of competing, you can go, oh you have a listbuilding course, I can make a product that sells people done for you opt-in pages, populates a website with their aweber account, template and everything, and it costs like $10/month.

Oh…dude, that’s great, my customers would love that.

Position yourself as the leader of a “trade union,” a “syndicate” within your market.

Make a commitment to not only work to share with them to help their businesses, but make a commitment to work with them to improve the overall experience of your customer.

So, you become Godfather, you’re generating massive good will, and you have lighting fast distribution.

Celebrity and Authority for high perceived value in the marketplace, premium priced products, and lots of sales really fast…

Vid 2
Command the attention of a market at will from the position of a celebrity authority selling premium priced products. That is our outcome, our goal.

1) Prepare
1.1) Market Recon
1.1.1) Find what’s missing
1.1.2) Look for a Magic Bullet Angle (M.B.A)
1.2) Example: Frank and Trey creating LC
1.2.1) Look at IM and try to figure out what’s missing (you see seo, product launches, outsourcing from John Reese, Eben Pagan: high level altitude…) WHAT WAS MISSING? None of them sell the critical missing link: LIST OK, no one is showing how to build a list. Uhh…what about tellman.
CTO: What’s missing is ongoing support…real info…
2) Identify Partners
2.1) Your “syndicate” = they control a huge share of the market’s attention. Syndicate = A Team. Other partners = B team.
B Team description does like 30% of your sales (50 B Team people).
If you want instant attention…to look like the next big thing…everybody and their brother needs to be talking about you…buzz

Prospect needs to be fed Buzz
Buzz waves at Prospect from A Team
B Team’s Buzz supports the A Team’s buzz in the social proof environment

Who is my B Team? Folks like Maureen Jennifer…

2 Cool Kids at school say the movie is cool
But if also the chess team says it’s cool
Then everybody’s talking about it, and you need all you can get for massive results

3) Determine what my money magnets are
Money Magnet = Bribe = Prelaunch Bribe = NOT ARBITRARY not just pulled out of your butt.
3.1) Determine what results in advance we can provide the market
3.1.1) Primary focus of money magnets is to provide results in advance (Dainis Note: of the first step, not the whole thing).

Example: Frank gave 4-day cash machine for results in advance
2 audiences:
People with list: used it and got money (except for me)
People with no list were able to see how something like the 4-day cash machine would help them if they had a list. … they can see how something like the 4DCM could help them if they had a list. And more importantly they “believe” that if they had a list it could help them.
Then get the non-list havers to believe that if only they had a list they’d be making money. How to get them to do this? By creating an “implicit decision trigger.” And that’s when we come to a conclusion ourselves.

We are 40Zillion times more likely to cling to a decision that I came up with myself.

…we come up with ourselves…

Instead of selling
Demonstrate clearly how 4dcm works well
People defending it
People said that it sells…


3.2) Money Magnets: Recency
Frank Kern Ran Magic Bullets Campaign (IM Niche)
Money Magnets need to pretain to stuff that is happening right now…
Used to be you could use shock and awe numbers
Stay amoung the theme of Front of Mind Awareness
—ha, I though this was “Friend of Mine Awareness,” which is important too

Magic Bullet Launch
Google had just banned a bunch of affiliate from their google network
People were flipped out about it:
Two groups were flipped out
A) People who had google accounts
B) People who are like “what if I did have a Google account”

So, first video: how we’re making money on Google currently:
Showed his google account ads in a date range
past 10 days, here’s what we’re spending, here’s how much we’re making
here’s the actual offer I’m promoting
Here’s the actual web page landing page to promote the offer

…this was the smileys thing…oh SHIT that stupid skype smileys thing? 5 Mil launch on skype smileys and back end…holy shit.

Amish showed how google killing accounts is bullshit

Showed the keywords, showed how to make a landing page that google likes

Can’t just make a money magnet out of thin air
Results in Advance
Front of Mind Awareness
Recency: more appealing

Mod 4 Video 3
Did our planning
have a distribution network of real solid partners
…Scheme is hatched. Money magnets are there. Recency. Front of Mind…
we’re gonna help these people a lot

Celebrities are the highest paid people in the world
Combine celeb and authority

How to create Celebrity Authority
1) Build Celebrity
1.1) FFBF = Famous for being famous

Kern has deliberately cultivated his fame

think about Paris Hilton…really she’s done nothing but she’s famous because everybody is talking about her…

If everybody is talking about you, then that creates celebrity…
All based on social proof.

The only reason the cool kid was the cool kid was because everyone else is saying it. IF everyone else is saying it it must be true…so we do all the steps above.

Get EVERYBODY to talk about it. EVERYBODY.

Celebrity elevates the perceived value of your brand.

1.2.1) Well-created video
1.2.2) Endorsements (other people endorsing you)
1.2.3) Create an ultimate image of awesomeness…the end of the day picture of awesomeness (can be a picture of the sun). I know that the core outcome of my market is freedom and lifestyle. So, that’s why these videos display that.

That’s why Frank’s vids have the beach, birds, surf references.
HE COULD chose the bank account the cars, could make a big deal about opulence and wealth. The only core driver he cares about is FREEDOM

Create videos that display the clients desired core outcome.

Another way to put it: Determine what you stand for in the marketplace. What you stand for causes people to look at you and either be attracted to or repelled from you.

KERN is all about LIFESTYLE.

What do you stand for: Kindness.


What creates celebrities: TELEVISION AND MOVIES. THAT’s it. See person on screen = person = celebrity. That’s why we use videos.

Especially one that looks like a movie or TV, especially one that looks like a movie or TV symbolizing the most desired outcome.

Looks like TV
Symbolizes market’s core desire
symbolizes that they stand for the same thing you stand for and aspire to have: it’s a formula…thanks to hollywood…it’s done for us. People cannot resist this.

1.2.2) Endorsements (other people endorsing you)
In the marketing sense of the word, the people I hang around with are the people I promote and the people that promote me. and or the peolpe i provide services for

What builds Frank’s celebrity:
-deliberate Movie/TV emulation
-Hammering lifestyle issue

Same is said for who I associate with.

Once I’m a celeb, then price becomes less of an issue.

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