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  1. Brian Responses says:

    Hi Dainis,

    I’m PUMPED to hear that you’ve landed your second client!

    Is it someone I know? Have you drawn any lessons from
    the clients that you’ve landed so far?

    We have discussed a few markets, but not 18. The markets
    we went over were all ok with me, and reaching out to
    business owners in those markets is a great idea that I fully

    I have two thoughts on follow-up after initial contact:

    1) I tend to ask “How would you like me to follow up?” That
    feels kind of ninja to me, because you’re asking someone
    how they would like to be sold. I think that’s kind of cool.
    Works great.

    2) One standard follow-up piece is an important component
    of your marketing collateral.

    A 1-2 page letter that describes the model you have (ying/
    yang) would be appropriate.

    Now, for your question on getting in front of people who are
    looking for what you offer.

    That’s a bit different from what we’ve discussed thus far,
    because you’ve been comfortable talking to your target
    market in general, and not necessarily people who are
    actively looking for what you offer.

    If we’re staying strictly focused on the local market, then
    these are the options that come to mind:

    1) SEO for relevant local terms (send to landing page, offer
    free report, follow up w/email, phone, & direct mail)

    2) Run your own local educational event for your target

    Glad to discuss further on Skype.

    And again… congratulations!

    My best,

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