What’s included in the package?

If we are going to do a 30 days free, what’s in that?

Otherwise, what’s in the “real” package…

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  1. admin says:

    I don’t quite have a 30 days free product concept, however, i could do something like say: you know, if it’s not the right time for you, how about I give you a free login to my 97 euro internet merketing for Vienna business owners online course right now?
    …basically, when i meet people in person, I like 2 be generous (no, that’s stupid..)
    Cuz i really want to Support vienna businesses as much as I can.

    SO, if they say no in person, I give them free access to my 97 euro training product.

    Then I have more leads.
    Only available to business owners.

    Markt eroberung = take over a niche
    10 websites. Diverse servers, technologies, and domains…all there to drive traffic to 1-5 businesses in a niche.

    It is important for us to use google and other market research strategies to assess the most profitable niches right now. Please show me how.

  2. admin says:

    The thing is, they will likely never use the free product. Also, the free product is designed to make business owners go: sounds great but how on earth am I going to DO all of that?

    And that’s where I come in.

    Brian: do I tell people about this “decade of sites” idea? it’s a gold mine, and well…it “feels” like a big secret.

    The idea is to research their top 10 keyword combos and to purchase urls containing them, and then to build 10 sites using divergent technologies on different servers and manage the content through involvement of the owner and the employees. Content can be “somewhat” managed through a central location, but not really. these sites report on and comment on each other. And they all point to one site’s landing page. They are there to secure LOTS of deals and traffic for 1-5 businesses in a niche.

    To catch fish, you need a net.

    10k up front, 3000 per month.
    12k and 3600per month with tax

    can also take a slower approach or team up with 2-4 businesses to make it work

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