What Autoresponder System Do I Use?

It’s getting to be crunch time on implementing autoresponder software.

GWA Autoresponder: cheap, basically works, not for the museum or anyone that does any real CRM

iContact Agency edition: Umm…they seem to be saying that I can’t track how many emails are sent per client, but they charge me $3/1K emails per month above the $99/month. So, I totally don’t get how the agency edition can work for me. I like the sub accounts, I like being able to brand as atsis.com, but if I can’t charge per 1000 emails in a month, and I GET charged per 1000 emails in a month…and I have no way of knowing who sent what…then that option is a no go.

AutoResponsePlus is no better than GWA and costs like 1/8 as much…I bought it…never completed the install…and want to return it. Now having seen it in action on May Yue’s site, I’m like: uhh…this ain’t the software for me

Brian uses InfusionSoft, but I don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. What happens when I’m at 10 clients…then am I ready for infusionsoft? What if the politician sends me an email and says “let’s get started tomorrow?”

I really cannot stand aweber and the way you have to use their links.

Other alternatives

Here’s a list of options:








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  1. admin says:

    This is http://www.activecampaign.com/emailmarketing/order.php?downloaded=1

    (11:54:53) Dainis: agency edition
    (11:54:55) SYSTEM: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    (11:54:55) SYSTEM: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    (11:55:03) Elizabeth: Hi, how can I help you?
    (11:55:11) Dainis: hi, that’s my wife’s name :-)
    (11:55:34) Dainis: i am interested in an agency-type solution
    (11:55:39) Dainis: like iContact’s
    (11:55:57) Dainis: are you there?
    (11:56:16) Elizabeth: Yes. We do offer an Email Marketing product that you can offer to your clients as a hosted solution.
    (11:56:41) Dainis: here’s the thing
    (11:56:48) Dainis: if i have 10 clients
    (11:56:54) Dainis: one has 1000 contacts
    (11:56:58) Dainis: the other has 0
    (11:57:07) Dainis: but builds to 100000 in a year
    (11:57:21) Dainis: do you charge per 1000 emails like iContact?
    (11:57:28) Dainis: how can i bill my clients
    (11:57:36) Dainis: and is it branded with my company name?
    (11:57:51) Elizabeth: Well, we have two different versions of our software: hosted (hosted by us), and downloaded (you pay a one time fee for the software, and host it on your own server) .
    (11:58:03) Dainis: hmmm
    (11:58:07) Elizabeth: For the hosted version that we offer, we charge according to how many email addresses you need to have in the system.
    (11:58:14) Dainis: right
    (11:58:31) Dainis: and can i track how many subscribers per client?
    (11:58:31) Elizabeth: For the downloaded version, we don’t have any limits on subscribers or amount of emails you can send, but we do charge based on the amount of admin users you can create.
    (11:58:42) Elizabeth: Y es, you can limit or track that.
    (11:59:18) Dainis: how much does it cost, i am looking at pricing now
    (11:59:36) Dainis: can you tell me about how the solution is branded?
    (11:59:49) Dainis: the hosted solution in particular
    (11:59:56) Elizabeth: You can view hosted pricing here: http://www.activecampaign.com/emailmarketing/order.php
    (12:00:01) Dainis: also, what’s the support like on the download
    (12:00:06) Elizabeth: to view the downloaded pricing, click the “Downloaded” tab
    (12:00:26) Elizabeth: You can change all branding, but with the hosted version, there is a non-removeable unsubscribe link added to the bottom of every email.
    (12:00:43) Elizabeth: With the downloaded version, you get 3 months of support for free with your purchase, and you can renew the Support & Upgrades Contract later on if desired.
    (12:00:47) Dainis: and does that go through your URL or my domain?
    (12:01:31) Elizabeth: With the hosted version, you can choose to have your own domain forwarded there, so that it does not show our domain at all.
    (12:01:45) Elizabeth: And with the downloaded version, it will be installed on your domain as well, of course.
    (12:01:56) Dainis: ok
    (12:02:21) Dainis: can i automatically bill my clients in accordance to rules
    (12:02:31) Dainis: ?
    (12:02:53) Elizabeth: It is up to you how to bill them — there are no billing features in our software, but you can limit permissions and view reports based on your users’ activities.
    (12:02:59) Dainis: ok
    (12:03:05) Dainis: thank you for your time
    (12:03:17) Elizabeth: You’re welcome, Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. admin says:

    http://autoresponder365.com/features.php likely pretty much the same as GWA

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