Types of Businesses and how They Can Be Contacted

1) A list of the type of businesses you think would be appropriate to work with

2) A list of how they can be reached (either in person, via the mail, or over the phone/email/fax)

—all of the above and VIDEO
So, my main “pitch method” will be via Video

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  1. admin says:

    So, I can work with
    a) businesses that meet the 4 criteria for doubling their income, see 6.1-6.4 above
    a.1) these can be searched for, local market analysis can be done beforehand…if Brian sold that local biz product, then just show me how to do the analysis on the next call or just send me the QuickProcedure
    b) heartfelt businesses (sustainable, eco, organic, etc.)
    b.1) LOCAL: the biochor.at list, however, there are hundreds and hundreds more. electric bikes, farming projects, wineries, stores, etc. etc. etc.
    b.2) ONLINE: find online clients for $300/mo service
    b.2.i) possibly start a community over at http://www.higher-purpose-marketing.com (my domain). Just install buddypress, the process would be: invite marketing people to make a max 10 minute video on what type of “higher purpose” projects would they really like to work on. Sales from the site are 10% affiliate sales for marketers. The whole site is free. Profit from the list.

    From: http://www.dainis.info/brian-mcelroy/call-1-brians-response-ds-comments/comment-page-1#comment-105

  2. admin says:

    6.1-4 refers to

    6) I created a video about the 4 criteria that need to be met for me to be able to offer a “double your business within the next 3-6 months” for Vienna Businesses. The criteria are:
    6.1) High search volume for a high-profit product: kitchen remodeling, towing, dentist, unlock my door (aufsperdienst), etc.
    6.2) High sales volume
    6.3) Small percentage of Total Market Volume
    6.4) Analyze Current Local Business Search Placement in Search Engines and move forward with physical and virtual sales process integration (be found, build a list, convert the list).

    From: http://www.dainis.info/brian-mcelroy/call-1-brians-response-ds-comments/comment-page-1#comment-91

    …which has the musings that have turned into what I am now calling the “Leave No Stone Unturned” Campaign.

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