Turn multiple trickles into multiple streams or pick an offer?

Brian advocated picking one offer.

It’s possible that we will build a funnel.

That we will look at each trickle and see about a) increasing the trickles with little to no effort b) getting maximum return on the relationships I’ve built so far.


  • urine-therapy hears about my 1 offer
  • biochor hears about my one offer
  • warrior forum hears about my one offer
  • Wishlist Insider hears about my one offer
  • my music clients hear about my one offer
  • my friends hear about my one offer

…and with each of those “tops” of the funnel, I do something really fucking cool first. For example, for my friends, I could give them access to my music and stuff at dainis.info, they’d like that. Something like a weekly download…then in 6 weeks, I launch my big IM campaign.

I already designed a CCCP pitch to my music list, but never quite “ran” it. So, it’s just not a lot of work. It could be CCCP for something simple like “personal lessons with Dainis,” but the REAL focus of the campaign is “BTW, you see how this campaign worked? I can help you with your business and help you maximize your profits via Internet Marketing. Yes, I love (insert music, songwriting, urine therapy, organic and sustainable living…), and now I’m also helping people create profits online.”

—something like that.

One Responseto “Turn multiple trickles into multiple streams or pick an offer?”

  1. admin says:

    So, we could start with something like this to all of the lists…


    Hey Dainis,

    So tomorrow’s Tuesday, August 31st. And it’s a special day.

    You’ll see why tomorrow, but keep your eye out for the FinerMinds
    newsletter because we’re doing something a little special to

    If you’re into personal growth and turning yourself into a
    mind-skills ninja, this will be cool.

    Remember – read the 1st post in the newsletter ;-)


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