The kinds of services I think my markets need and would pay for

3) The kind of services you THINK they need and would pay for.

Here are some top of the funnel draft videos for an IM offer. See how I am using a “leave no stone unturned” policy?

What that means, which I’m not sure you’ve internalized yet…is that I am only continuing to talk about the Urine Therapy list, because I have a good relationship with these people and that I will make my offer to them. Does that make sense? I am not talking about putting together a urine therapy product, which you’ve asked me not to do in a few emails…but I’m not about to do…

Anyway, do tell me that you can watch .MOV files, because I have 7 minutes to leave my apartment, and right now, I can’t take the time to convert the files to make them streamable for you.

Here are intro vids per “top of the funnel”

I’d recommend downloading them and watching them in a .MOV compatible movie player.

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  1. admin says:

    Add Thebestdayever as a top of the funnel contact point. Especially if I can offer Len foley and David Wolfe a 20% commission, I can likely promote my offer at tbde. I’d say this is about a few thousand raw foods and longevity enthusiasts

  2. admin says:

    Wow, the flv vids are cross browser compatible, but I’m on the subway right now and checked the MOV files from my iPhone…and they work…as does access to this private area in So let me know if you can access mov files because The conversion Process is just another step that we can eliminate if the mov files work on your end (or if u can figure out how 2 get them to work)

  3. admin says:

    the music crowd could use some of the stuff from musesmuse…I talked with jodi over there a while back, here is their l8est newsletter:

    Brian…stop reading…just know that there are some things I could say “hey, here’s some cool stuff I found” about here.

    …actually, I moved their newsletter to “Affiliate Relationships”

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