The actual offer (drafts)

Potential offer:
Profitable Physische und Virtuelle Unternehmensintegration
Course, Coaching, Implementation
Cost: 9997
I will take you where you are at and work with you for one month for free. I will need the following authority: website something something. I will install a blog for you which will likely eventually replace your website.
I will create a facebook and twitter accounts for you (using an email address you own so that I contribute to you building your assets)
—or, fuck them, I create the assets and keep them for my fucking self. What that means is that I own “their” twitter account…
So, the twitter account could be
“bars in vienna” instead of “albertgasse39″
–and I OWN “”

If I did that and installed a blog at “bars in” for example, then I own the virtual asset, but I don’t have the team, the businesses on the ground, to really make that online asset worth anything at all….

That’s why this is the new wild west regarding profits, but I need to find business owners smart enough to know what is going on around them and smart enough to recognize where the “new traffic” is coming from…and this, my dear, is really fucking high-quality traffic. Laser pointed at the exact service YOU OFFER.

Markt Eroberung:
When the time comes, this costs 9997 + 2997 per month. It involves a considerable outlay of costs, so I am NOT offering to do that for free clients…ever.
Basically, what this is is: Dainis W. Michel buys website URL’s that match the top 10 keyword searches the client cares about. 10 blogs get set up on different servers with different owners. Everything is different. One is static HTML, the other is WP, another is Typo 3, and another is Joomla. And they are on 5 servers. The point is, these are like happy content robots driving traffic to ONE-FIVE businesses in a really fucking highly profitable niche, like kitchen remodeling, for example. You get a content manager who makes sure unique, high-quality content gets posted in varying regularity to each of the sites. The market is “watched” and one or two of the sites turn into social media centers for that Market.

Dainis W. Michel OWNS those social media centers, the client leases the benefits those centers provide.
The benefits are: The front page of Google, and whatever other search options are relevant to your business and your market –> they all point to YOU.

And not only that, once they come to you, they feel amazing. You are a celebrity authority, they get the red carpet deal in a way that fuels your business, makes you cool and mega-awesome (but adds money to the bank…it does not detract).

QUESTION: How can I deliver results for “cafe-in-vienna” without actually buying “”

What results can I give that don’t break my bank, that don’t overtax my workload, but that show the business owner that they want to do business with me RIGHT NOW.

FLAG: Can we put in a trigger to a much higher upsell? What I mean is, my experience from shows that people like to buy the 80% thing. Or they buy the cheapest thing possible, just to be connected to the expensive thing. Like, if I like Ferraris but can’t afford one, I might buy a Ferrari key chain. This FLAG is: I would really be happy if someone just plunked down 10G’s and said “go for it, you rock on…” And if would just out and hire me for, eh. 2500 per month for 40 hours per month of my help per month. That’s 10 hours per week. That’s 1/4 the work time for a full-time salary. I’ve been at 20 hrs per week for 1900/month before, so I’m just reducing the work time by a factor of two and upping the monthly amount by a bit.

Once these kinds of things are in place, we have a phase of putting in systems and managers and smart people (with recognition of my profit margin), that I can manage, give really fucking great careers and lives to…and really focus on what is important to me (a way with 18 pianos — compose and conduct in Chicago).

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