Potential Relationship With Jen B. in Tinnitus Niche

After our call, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, I had a call with Jennifer Battaglino. Jen and I chatted about delivering her newly created tinnitus product via CureTinnitus.org.

We are going to talk on Tuesday Sep 28. I talked with her about the no-up front costs deal with running her blog. She seemed interested and said that would be something she could look at after they are finished refinancing their house.

Anyway, we’re going to release a product for the tinnitus market. Brian: you can write the product if you want.

The current situation with CureTinnitus.org is 30/30/30/10

That’s 30% for Julian Cowan Hill, as he is the resident expert. But, he really isn’t participating with the members as much as I would like and hasn’t posted articles…however…he really is a good resident expert and he healed himself of tinnitus, and well…I just have to do a bit more to communicate what he needs to be doing…but I also need to be paying him more.
30% for me
30% for an affiliate
10% organizational fees

However, my affiliate program doesn’t really work, and I don’t have any affiliates. Also, the numbers on my only making 40% of the money coming in…well…I’d just need to pop up to about 300 members to make that all “work.”

The reason I went with 30/30/30/10 was because well, I just couldn’t think of anything better at the time.

So, Julian is getting a very sweet deal. He just gets paid and builds his authority and celebrity…and does not put in a lot of hours. Good. We just need to pump up membership to make the thing viable.

Now, Jen B wants to make a product. So, how do I weave this in?

Jen becomes an affiliate of CTO and therefore gets 30% of all CTO members she brings in. For that, we use Jen B info and drip it in over the course of 24 months. Something like that. Jen B also sells a $97, $497, and $1997 product at CureTinnitus.org, which are:

$97: CD’s meditation, guide, (not sure)
$497: Intensive self help, stuff you can bring to your therapist
$1997: Long-distance intensive. 2 weeks 3×90 min per week = 6 sessions +1 happy-wrap up session (kind of like a party between the two of them…go deep…send them off happy) … something like this…

Now, the products are released at:
Her sites

Since we are making them together, it’s what? I mean, I’m 30% affiliate of her stuff when she sells it at either ClickBank or one of her sites. If I sell it at CureTinnitus.org, then it’s either the same, or maybe then I get 40%?

Also, we do the “drip content” of her materials to CTO members, and in exchange, she is a 30% affiliate of members she brings in.

Here’s the thing.

Julian is the only “top-tier” affiliate, so he makes 30% of everything. As he gets paid more, he will be willing to do more. Right now, I’ve even needed to pay him late from time to time…I mean, he’s given a lot up front, so it’s cool, however, I’d like to go through a bit of contractual thinking with Julian about what he needs to do for that 30%, what happens if he bails (which he may want to do…like just not do the Cure Tinnitus Shows for 6 months), that kind of thing…

Anyway, I do need the business systems to make this happen. I kind of think I have them, but I’m not exactly sure. My affiliate program does NOT make it easy for me to figure things out, and doing bookkeeping from PayPal downloads is a frigging NIGHTMARE. Filtering out refunds yada yada…just figuring out how much I owe Julian is NOT EASY for me right now. Needs to be A LOT better, and A LOT easier.

So, please Brian, give me the solution for this aspect of my business systems.

Here’s more on Jen.

Also, Brian, if you want, just re-write my product concepts…just comment and tell me what to do with Jen. Also, I can also legitimize doing product development for her, since I told her that I was currently looking for 10 core clients (but it might turn out to be more) for whom I’m doing the “done for you” search engine blogging social media go to website lead magnet list building list management direct marketing driving profits work…and I said I’m not charging anything up front and it costs $420/month.

So, basically, I really am pretty tired of the tinnitus niche, and Jen is too…she is very passionate about sports hypnosis and helped a diver who hit his/her head and needed to complete a dive…so we talked about how I am personally expanding my business…and that I’m moving into helping others create profitable online presences…and that I’ll be moving more into increasing pleasure as opposed to decreasing pain for some of my businesses.

However, CureTinnitus.org is here to stay. It will become a real NGO/NPO, and we are a completely legit organization…

And especially if 2-3 months down the line when Jen’s refinanced her house…we can look at my helping her with her disorganized online presence…it’s kind of like she’s another May Yue really…

Here’s who she is:
CureTinnitus.org Interview With Tinnitus Expert Jennifer Battaglino

Her YouTube Channel:

I interviewed her here:
—but the YouTube vid above has excerpts

She commented here:
…and it’s kind of creepy that I “found” her comments, but whatever, just google her name…

This is her business, and the site is pretty bad:
http://theharwoodgroupny.com/Interviews.html eeek

These look to be her blogs:

This is where Kevin Hogan recommends her:

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