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  1. admin says:

    In call 4 prep I have a company. They do exactly this stuff. What if I tell them…you sell…you get all up front, I do it for you. Or a “how can I help you” type of pitch. But the thing is that people who don’t know you sometimes find such conversations invasive.

  2. admin says:

    I could likely drum up 10 or more “pitchers,” and pitch to them…

    Brian: plz come up with the offer that will work for the pitchers.

    Is it 600 up front and 360/month and they get 20% lifetime?

    Do I send them 3 offers they can pitch, one very expensive one, and a less expensive one?

    Do I create an IM marketing course that they can sell and become licensed “providers” of…so that I don’t take away from their business but only add to it?

  3. admin says:


    found them through http://www.feuermacher.com/index.htm then to http://www.art.waldsoft.at/vvj/team.htm and then to dialogschmiede…

    –there are a lot of shared competencies between me and dialogschmiede…good place to pitch to a pitcher…

  4. admin says:

    http://www.my-hammer.at/showPage.php?id=impressum this is a great cross-sale. they refer work, painters, plumbers, etc.

    that’s the kind of directory I’d like to create and profit from…the companies pay to receive direct interest requests from prospects who describe their projects.

    —> that’s what I figured I’d create back in the 90′s but then boom poof bing bang…so time for the sabotage to end and to smooth out my concept to profitable realization path…

  5. admin says:

    These guys: http://www.lifedesign.at/wer.html

    made this site:

    …now if I pitch to klimaklement, i probably need to do a pitch to the pitcher anyway…so…pitch to the pitcher may become inevitable…the company is going to ask their host.

    What is the Pitch to the Pitchers so that I can pitch better to: klimaklement.at/ and companies that clearly have a hot web company?

    I really like this kind of project. Hot company, awesome design, bring in DR via email and community management that I provide and have businesses soar.

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