OK, these are my 10 cold call prospects…

so my technique right now is:
brainstorming on my 4 categories
check http://www.google.com/insights/search/#
search in google
get some company profiles
search in herold.at
pitch to people who are doing it right (organic search).
-check all that they are doing right
—top SEO, listbuilding, list conversion?

and pitch to companies that are advertising for a top spot at herold, who are likely stuck in old advertisig methods and may be feeling their business slipping.

1. Installateur Notdienst Wien (Emergency Plumber)



They pay for advertising in herold.at (they are paying for the top spot there)
They ARE NOT on the first page of google
The have not been evaluated at tupalo
They likely don’t have a facebook or twitter account. I checked and did not find either.
They are a good prospect in accordance with my 4-kategorien

Part of my pitch can be that if they say no, I’ll just move to the next most appealing competitor within their niche.

GWH-Installationen KG
Wimbergerg 23
1070 Wien
Telefon +43 1 5240639
Fax +43 1 5226439

Next in line could be: http://www.derkanal.at/, but they don’t do all the notdienste, which is cooler.
Also: http://www.rnd-notdienst-wien....4z2304296/

Fact: Only 170 Local Searches per month. So, if we get 10% of them, it’s 17 new customers per month…but of course…mobile phone searches are skyrocketing (find statistics) as are internet searches for things…I would not

The numbers don’t look THAT hot for this call


Shows about

Just for fun:

shows not to create a roller purchasing site or?

2. Küche renovieren in Wien (Kitchen Remodeling)

Shows a slightly receding market for kitchen remodeling:


OK this company:

They are on 1st page of Google, but are not doing any listbuilding. They look like they are on top of social media, because they do have both a FaceBook page and a Twitter profile. The question is how are those things going for them? Is it work? Is it generating sales or just a cool sense of community? This could be a fun call.

Again, I either help them, meet with them, or move to the next competitor within their niche. And I’d move to one that does not have FB or Twitter, that is not on the first page of Google, and I would get them all of that and more.


3. Abschleppdienst Wien (towing service).

OK, these people are the top organic result in Google. They look like they have a WHOLE LOT of money. Look at their vehicles. They also sell real estate, so there is this odd cross-sale happening. Good for them. The question is: do they have a list, what could they do with a list…the reason I am contacting them is because they have

“Der Konkurrenz immer einen Schritt voraus!” here http://www.toman.co.at/fahrzeuge.php

So they are saying that they are always one step ahead of the competition. They are likely very happy with their tech team, as they should be. What I’d offer them is listbuilding tech or just consulting.

Not sure what to pitch them…

But I could go to a weaker competitor and make em look just as powerful and place them right alongside Toman…now that could be a good idea.

The numbers:
These are very interesting. Lots of ups and downs. Does that mean that people have fewer accidents in particular times of the year? Huh, duh, that makes sense…

EGI said: most people have a contract either with their insurance or with their new car dealer. They have a number, if anything happens, poof, the service is right there and fast. This might not be the best market.

this is interesting:


shows that no one in Vienna is searching online for internet marketing, and that searches for marketing are declining.

4. Zahnarzt Wien (Dentist in Vienna)

Interesting, emergency dental care is taken care of by
and there is no competition…there are dentists offices that are assigned to be the emergency care facilities for that day, and they need to be open all night…or something like that.

I would only want to help a dentist I like.

Here are some options:

I like Jens Busk the best, but my wife went to him and never paid her bill. How do I work with a guy who pretty much knows I’m broke…or could surmise it based on my wife not paying her bill?

So that leaves the other three, I can call and then work with Jens later. I would like to meet him actually. Seems nice.

The pitch can be: I am looking for one dentist’s office to give an incredible value to, and the size of the list is a factor as well. No email list means I can’t exactly show how much I can do for you right out the gate.

5. wohnungsräumung wien

I’m just guessing here…


…interesting that the #1 company in Google ads takes you to a landing page that has nothing to do with Wohnungsräumungen. That could be a conversation starter…so I’ll call them.

That’s this company:


also check: http://www.entruempelungsservice.at/page/?p=Preise



There’s sozial info on this too…interesting…also, OMG…it seems like you can get two dudes with a car for 35 Euro per hour. That’s amazing. I mean, maybe this is not a very good market.

What about really expensive stuff. Stuff wealthy people think about. Here are some guesses:

  • Catering service Wien
  • Party Service Wien
  • Interior Designer Wien
  • Clean and Detail My Car Wien

6. Luxuswohnung Luxuswohnungen Luxus Immobilien (luxury apartment luxury real estate)



Luxus immobilien wien has 390 searches per month. That’s not nothing.

What could I offer:


they are the top realtor in Austria, maybe in other regions as well. You can create an account. Their tech stuff is beyond my ability to create on my own, not beyond my ability to manage, but it’s not like this is a clueless crew. Not at all.

OK, this site:


Seems like a “little dude” who’s specialized in luxury real estate. the site has not been updated since 2007. Could be a “do you have an email list” kind of conversation. A realtor that does a good job becomes a real trusted resource. I wonder if there are cross-selling opportunities. Things like a particular kind of “ask campaign” to customers.

  • What kind of things do customers ask him years later
  • Does he have repeat customers
  • What supplemental services can he refer and get a percentage?
  • Other questions?

http://www.immototal.at/immobi...bilien.php I could offer them to create a luxury real-estate specialty website for them. It would have a lead magnet, be classy and fast, and it would build a list. It would pre-sell cross-sells like: we also have recommended resources in “legal, property planning, building permits, local laws, etc. etc. etc.” it will inspire confidence in the visitor while preselling them to purchase from a “trusted resource.”

Do not buy a luxury property in Austria until you read every word of this report.

That’s the lead magnet.

Or: the 8 most dreadful and costly mistakes people make when buying a luxury property in Austria

These guys might go for it too:


I thought of auto repair shops here briefly, but they were splintered out by car make, and well…my guess is that people have their cars repaired by shops that take care of the make of car they have. Seems busy and hard…didn’t think of an angle for approach unless there is some kind of cult car thing…hmm..old timer car clubs and old timer car care…hmm

just started searching on invest money, save money…

tried car rental:


pretty funny biz, what would my pitch be?

7. kunsttischler tischler

talk with this person:


then from herold.at


Called egi: Notes




schmuck wertvolle sachen
Egi suggested that http://www.ksv.at/KSV/1870/ would have statistics

8. call this org to find candidates


9. glaser


10. gartenarchitekten


11. jalousien


12. asdfasdfdfadsf

asdf sadf asdf

used harmonic accessing and found:
http://www.herold.at/gelbe-sei...rmepumpen/ (klima technik wien)


http://www.clearsense.at/de/home/ for stats, not bad info…pitch to the pitchers candidate.

—that kind of stuff seems logical and doable to me

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