Installateur Notdienst Wien (Emergency Plumber)

1. Installateur Notdienst Wien (Emergency Plumber)


They pay for advertising in (they are paying for the top spot there)
They ARE NOT on the first page of google
The have not been evaluated at tupalo
They likely don’t have a facebook or twitter account. I checked and did not find either.
They are a good prospect in accordance with my 4-kategorien

Part of my pitch can be that if they say no, I’ll just move to the next most appealing competitor within their niche.

GWH-Installationen KG
Wimbergerg 23
1070 Wien
Telefon +43 1 5240639
Fax +43 1 5226439

Next in line could be:, but they don’t do all the notdienste, which is cooler.
Also: http://www.rnd-notdienst-wien....4z2304296/

Fact: Only 170 Local Searches per month. So, if we get 10% of them, it’s 17 new customers per month…but of course…mobile phone searches are skyrocketing (find statistics) as are internet searches for things…I would not

The numbers don’t look THAT hot for this call;cmpt=q

Market Research

Market –> Client Profile

  1. High Search volume for a High profit product (best if Emergency)
  2. High Sales Volume
  3. What is your percentage of the Total Market Volume
  4. To what extent you’ve accomplished an online-offline business integration

Business Profile

  1. Google on market keywords
    1. Assess the scene, who is in it, check out some home pages, click on some ads, who’s paying for what, who is positioned where?
  2. Google Insights on market keywords
    1. how many searches in vienna on…then include wien, then include kaufen, then bewerten…be a buyers searching for the product, and see how many prospects there are in vienna
  3. Pick a few companies based on what they have or don’t….good is when they are paying for something and I can offer similar value for free

Individual Company Profile

  1. Paying for Herold, Google Ads, Tupalo, ???
    1. Where are they getting their online traffic from…what are they paying for…does it need “evening out?”
  2. Organic search results?
  3. Doing Listbuilding?
  4. Have a list?
    1. What size?
  5. Building Community?
    1. Is their client base “community-able?” What kind of community do they serve and are they connected with that core?
  6. Direct Response Marketing to List?
  7. Physical, Virtual, and Combo Products?

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