Making Money, the kinds of ideas I’ve had…and my relationship with my wife

I can’t believe this makes money…you should see my old planner…this is a lot like how I live (or used to live):

Look, I’m sorry, the last 8.5 years, I’ve wound up running around like a chicken with my head cut off compensating for the erratic behavior of my wife. The whole while, I was verbally and emotionally abused, physically bullied and also attacked.

My wife and I “could have” created incredible wealth and satisfaction, had we synergized. My wife was unwilling…and the only stay in her abusive behavior was when I meditated incredibly intensely for our relationship.

Note to Brian: you don’t need to read this…you know this already…let’s focus on business

I can go round and round with all the info and help I’ve brought in…it’s really really unfortunate…and she was not abusive before we got married.

My wife can look at me with a soft smile, promise to do something, turn around, and not do what she promised. And it’s like nothing happened. Like I’m not even there. Like she never made the promise…

When I look at my creations and my thoughts over the last two decades, I know I am “like” the people who made FaceBook, who created Google, I am FinerMinds, MindValley, SPAM protection, MySpace, YouTube, Skype, etc. etc. These are “my” creations…and some of them…I thought of before they came out online but was not able to realize them.

So, here I am, still compensating for my wife’s erratic and often abusive behavior, and it takes a whole lot of spiritual energy just to “stay safe.” I deeply “wish” my wife would stop…but she hasn’t. We have all the information at home…it’s all there…defining emotional and verbal abuse…what to do about it…it’s all there. What is empathic communication…it’s there. I practice empathic communication…my wife does not…at least she hasn’t with me. Could she? Will she ever?

Life-shaping concepts and products like lifebook make me feel guilty and ashamed. My wife is cruel to me. Is that my fault? I know how to invent, I am smart and capable, yet behind closed doors, my wife treats me like an object, like something to be kicked, discarded, used, worn…I am there to serve. Period. She’s called me a dickshit, a fuck-up, an asshole, too sensitive, etc. etc. etc. And that’s just name-calling, which she doesn’t do that often…it’s the other forms of abuse…like telling me what I think, feel, am doing, want, am trying to do, am saying…and being mad at me for it…and then not letting me explain what I really think/feel/am doing/want/am saying…that’s the worst.

Enough on that…

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