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On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 4:08 PM, Dainis Michel wrote:

Specific scenario: reply to the mac store with a few versions of how I can say: let me know how long to keep the option of working with you open before I move to a competing business.

Scenario 2: just reviewing what Im saying in the

1st contact
Follow up 1
Follow up 2
Squeeze with the moving to your competitor thing
Get a yes or no and move on

I’d like to improve my efficiency on that

And actually, my real question or desire is: please codify the compelling pitch for me. Tell me again how my offer can be the logical next step for a business owner. reference the John Carlton steps, if you like, or make up your own. What’s going on in the mind of the prospect? What’s going on in my mind? What is a compelling offer? What are the steps?

Inu mind, it makes sense that certain things are explained in a certain way, and all of a sudden, it’s compelling.

What is that certain way?
What magic happens in a compelling offer?

Honsestly, I’d have to go through your 6 days to Saturday stuff again, but for me, the concept is just well…it’s almost idiotic for me to think I could sell something like 6 days to Saturday, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t and if the business owner came to me saying: nothing’s worked, I love this product and no one is buying it, I can hear my gut saying “the market has spoken, it’s just not an appealing product,” buy you sold a pretty out there idea with 6days to sat.

So really what I’m asking for is your best step by step list for am offer that works. Sure, there can be variations and reasons to do things in a unique order, but…what are your steps and how would you name them.

Im asking you to give your best shot at outlining the steps of a successful pitch.


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  1. Brian Responses says:

    Hi Dainis,

    Interesting that you bring up 6 days to saturday.

    That is actually not a terribly difficult product to sell. There is a big,
    hungry market for it… the personal development market. Talk about

    The key was to connect a target market with its desired outcome
    via an emotionally compelling storyline.

    So instead of selling a bunch of cds, I sold more time with your kids.

    It’s more related to your question than you might imagine.

    A “YES” becomes extremely easy to get (almost a foregone conclusion)
    when your potential client views you as the clear choice to help them
    get what they really want.

    In this case, social media setup, WordPress, and email marketing
    are a bunch of cds.

    (Please read that at least twice!!!)

    You have a strong vision for what you’d like to accomplish for the Mac
    store in particular. It sounds to me like that SHOULD coincide with what
    they really want. If you keep the focus there, and keep the conversation
    as far away from BuddyPress and iContact as possible, then you’re in
    the right place.

    Is that helpful?

    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you. I will reread this email a few times. I get what you are saying…

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