Hey, Dainis, how much would it cost for you to…

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  1. admin says:

    You know, Dainis, I know you are very good at getting things done well. How much would it cost for you to make sure my company’s website creates profits for me, that I look good, and that…well…I’m doing everything right? I’ll tell you what, don’t answer that, if I paid you $3,000/month, would that be enough for you to continue to do your personal projects and manage the ongoing growth of my website?

  2. admin says:

    Hey Dainis, I know that you are very good at getting things done well. If I paid you 500 Euro per month, could you, over the course of the next year, redo my website, get all my facebook, myspace, and twitter accounts set up, and implement a strategy to help my business increase profits through online activities?

  3. admin says:

    Hey Dainis, if I sent you five thousand dollars today, via PayPal, could you do xyz for me and my company…i was at a meeting and they were talking about needing someone to manage our online community, and i literally told everyone at the meeting to just shut up because i know the perfect person. they were like let’s talk to advertising companies, bring people in, blah blah, and i said, i can save us money and get a better person to handle the project. it’s 5 thousand today, 3 thousand a month, and a profit incentive of 5% of “online-only” profits. I can give you till Friday to say yes, otherwise, we’re going to do the whole yada yada process.

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