Hafner in Wien

Market –> Client Profile

  1. High Search volume for a High profit product (best if Emergency)
    1. Not a high search volume, not an emergency, but a high profit product
  2. High Sales Volume
    1. How many hafner-type sales are made in vienna per month? Interesting question
  3. What is your percentage of the Total Market Volume
    1. are you a “big” or a “small” hafner…serve more or fewer clients per month that your “competitors?”
  4. To what extent you’ve accomplished an online-offline business integration
    1. actually a business profile question…

Business Profile

  1. Google on market keywords
    1. Assess the scene, who is in it, check out some home pages, click on some ads, who’s paying for what, who is positioned where?
  2. Google Insights on market keywords
    1. how many searches in vienna on…then include wien, then include kaufen, then bewerten…be a buyers searching for the product, and see how many prospects there are in vienna
  3. Pick a few companies based on what they have or don’t….good is when they are paying for something and I can offer similar value for free

Individual Company Profile

  1. Paying for Herold, Google Ads, Tupalo, WLW.at ???
    1. Where are they getting their online traffic from…what are they paying for…does it need “evening out?”
  2. Organic search results?
  3. Doing Listbuilding?
  4. Have a list?
    1. What size?
  5. Building Community?
  6. Direct Response Marketing to List?
  7. Physical, Virtual, and Combo Products?

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8 Responsesto “Hafner in Wien”

  1. admin says:


    1. Paying for Herold? NO

    2. Paying for Google Ads? YES

    3. Organic search results? NO

    4. Doing Listbuilding? YES, via catalog…

    5. Have a list? Sends them catalog…so yes…
    1. What size? ???
    6. Building Community? Does not look like it…

    7. Direct Response Marketing to List? Does not look like they are doing DRM (direct response marketing)

    8. Physical, Virtual, and Combo Products? Does not look like they have this.

    Also, Dainis, don’t say this until after they commit financially: top 10 dangerous, ugly, and costly mistakes people make when purchasing a customized Kamin…

    That can be an additional lead magnet along with the catalog.

    I’m less interested in creating a virtual catalog for them (which could be cool, but in my opinion, one would need to work on the process of continuous change to the catalog, of basically integrating the website with the catalog and having it clickable with a good look and feel…but no big online catalog situation … unless they are creating the catalog in a very smart way and publishing to the web can be made easy.) I could figure that out for them, but it’s intensive.

    Right now, I’m offering them DR marketing for their list.

    Ask campaign, give something in exchange for feedback.
    What have their most successful campaigns been in the past?

  2. admin says:


    –this is the guy I know…he made that cool art piece on nuclear waste…

    He may not even know this, but he is #1 here:

  3. admin says:


    making a new site, see if they need help with the IM side…

    Hier entsteht gerade eine neue Webseite!
    Hober Manfred
    Plöven 60
    6165 Telfes im Stubaital
    Tel.: 0664/2249544
    Fax.: 05225/63667

  4. admin says:

    This looks really fun…

    read about their holistic heating:

    also, their site gave me some valuable stats:

    * 450.000 bestehende anlagen
    * jährlich 15 bis 20.000 neuanlagen
    * 2.000 MW installierte leistung
    * häufigste biomasseheizung in österreich

    So, BETREUUNG could be an overlooked market that one could begin to serve with email marketing…

    Here’s where: what do I do about companies that are LOYAL to their web company?
    http://www.art.waldsoft.at/vvj/loesungen.htm did the site, and well, this is where a pitch to the pitchers offer is necessary.

  5. admin says:


    is doing well in google local search

  6. admin says:


    places well in Google local search

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