good shit that’s a happenin’

allright, well, i’m doing my mystical shit on stuff.

-was asked how much i would charge to conduct the choir for the teachers and parents at Emi’s school.
—again, I AM a choral conductor…I AM a composer…we can’t take that out of my pitch. People know me to be what I am. Anyway, there’s some money here and it just might turn into the biochor soooo…that would be the kind of thing where i need to have my affiliate business systems in place in order to be able to sell other peoples’ stuff and profit. let’s make sure we have that in place.

-found out that the father of one of Emi’s friends (3.5 years old) works at a place I’ve applied to like 3 times. frequentis … fucking cool place that creates communications solutions “for a safer world.” i’ve applied there as a technical writer several times. dude, a part time job there could be a friggin life-saver for me.

-again…i WILL approach our target market the WAY YOU WANT. This is just a list of good shit that’s a happenin’

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  1. Brian Responses says:

    Hi Dainis,

    Sounds GREAT!

    The email you sent to Tamas is exactly the one I’d like you to send to May,
    which it looks like you tried to do.

    I was a bit concerned when I saw an email outline that mentioned “Brian
    told me to close you!” (or something like that).

    She’ll require a phone conversation with a good amount of listening on your
    end before making a decision.

    Please use

    And close the bar/restaurant owner while you’re at it!


  2. Brian Responses says:

    Hey Dainis,

    Man, I am hustling for you. I hope you grab these opportunities and
    make the best of them. You can provide a ton of value to these folks,
    which is why I feel so comfortable recommending you.

    May emailed me today saying she checked out your tinnitus site and
    is looking forward to hearing from you.

    I have another client, Tamas, who is a Hungarian trainer for blue chip
    companies in the field of personal productivity. EXTREMELY nice
    man who would like to take his info online. I think it’s a great idea.

    He needs a lot of tech help! The same kind of situation as May- great
    content, but no idea how to effectively leverage it online. Also
    someone I think you’d be very comfortable working with due to the
    nature of his material.

    Anyways, I told him I’d give you his info. I think the same kind of
    package as we decided on for May would be appropriate. He should
    be ready to sign up this week. His email is

    I suggest setting up a time to discuss via Skype (he prefers audio).


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