Goals and Timeline


D regains health and emotional independence

D gains wealth

D lives a rGloJahWwans

Emi is safe and happy and well taken care of

Liz is getting the help she needs

Business systems in place for:

Dainis’ business ideas (licensing, manufacturing, software development)

These are organizations:

These are businesses:

August 2010

  • Offer overview for 228% profit increase in 3 months
  • Discuss and select offer(s) for 228% increase in revenue by the end of coaching period with Brian McElroy
    • those offers and businesses will be placed in the offer schedule google doc: https://spreadsheets.google.co...l=en#gid=4
    • Brian will be very specific about hours spent on each offer, which hours count towards the 30 per week, which don’t
    • There are some “little effort” types of offers I could run
    • Also, if we concentrate on IM, we should build in a “keep CureTinnitus.org people happy” campaign that is very low stress.
  • Find a safe place to live and stay overnight with Emi without Liz
  • Make sure that current business systems actually work: check curetinnitus.org buy process, check eBook purchase and download process at music-composition-studio.com fix broken systems (do I just pay Payloadz $15/month and upgrade later…I could create new PayPal buttons and offer downloads through WishList Member)
  • Do I create a “free stuff” area at dainis.info with all of my music, my interviews, my instant solutions reports, etc.? That could “drip in”  and frankly, I could create content for over one year. This would be a good way to make friends at parties, make friends with potential business partners, etc., and facilitate them getting my stuff with minimal effort on my part (emails and such).

September 2010

Select offer(s) for 228% increase in revenue by the end of coaching period with Brian McElroy.

Necessary business systems defined:

  • Sell other peoples’ products even when they don’t have affil programs (chocolate, eBooks, etc.)
  • Licensing Ideas
  • Complete local biz blog/website social media, SEO, listbuilding, list conversion package ready to install in the blink of an eye.
    • D has tech support resources up his sleeve that will work with him live while on Skype
  • Funnel discussions of my current businesses
    • How can I make my one offer to each of my lists to maximize the success of that one offer (for example the IM offer)

Dainis begins making offers in September. These offers work. Cash flows in.

Potential “offers:”

  • IM complete solution to 10 clients average around 300/Euro per month
  • just sell stuff like Wishlist Member iDevAffiliate PerfectPitch product, raw chocolate, etc.
  • sponsor the biochor.at pull in sponsorship get 20% of the ongoing donations
  • Get a job
  • See https://spreadsheets.google.co...l=en#gid=2

Preferably in September, move out from current apartment and put into place the following:

  1. A minimum 3 month separation with care taking split 50/50.
  2. Additional care taker to handle my wife’s chaos (if my wife does not pick up our daughter from kindergarten on time, or is “suddenly unable to take her to KG” this person will…so that I can have a normal business/career life). This care taker would also be a play partner for our daughter and a bit of a tutor while I take care of household tasks (or the other way around). Side note: I really like involving our daughter in cleaning, because she seems to have so much fun with it…and I make it fun!
  3. An apartment within half a mile or so of our daughter’s kindergarten (where my wife does not know the address, but the caretaker does). I won’t tell ANYONE that address. Not even my family.
  4. Weekly mediation/psychotherapeutic support/guidance meetings with my wife in which we either work out reconciliation or divorce.

The estimated cost of that plan is an immediate $10,000.

The apartment is within one mile (better one kilometer) of this location. The apartment could be a 3-month temporary rental solution where I put the money down and that’s it. A permanent solution could be a nearby plot of land where I create an earthhome.

Map powered by MapPress

What that means is that it is EASY walking distance from Emi’s school. I have a veranda. I can see nice trees. It is peaceful. I make music there and work with a blazing fast internet connection.

Late September: begin http://www.biochor.at rehearsals on Mondays. Even though this is not Dainis’ central musical ambition, goal … it’s a good idea that can facilitate the offers Brian needs Dainis to make. Also, the bond of running a choir dedicated to sustainable living and healing the planet will bring about the “right kinds” of people for Dainis to work with.

Adding to my dreams:


…it already has a house. a million euro. looks incredibly beautiful. could build an earthhome there too and do some sustainable farming.

October 2010

This is when lectures start again at the university. I don’t need to go, but I should probably register. I’ve done all my coursework (or just about all) for my doctorate, but basically, the intricacy is that in Austria, it would be in MusikWissenschaft (the science of music), which is translated into English as “musicology,” which really really sucks. I don’t want that. I have a wonderful solution in place meaning that my doctorate would be “MusikWissenschaft” in Europe, but with cooperation with an American university like Princeton, I could have a doctorate in Music Composition in the States. I’d have to work that out and only want to do it when my finances are in order, when my business systems are in place, and when I have sustainable, ongoing, peaceful, good, plentiful, nourishing, residual, passive income flowing in.

Exceeding Brian/Dainis financial goals by far.

Systems in place for being a super affiliate, for selling other peoples’ products whether or not they have affiliate programs in place.

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2011

March 2011

April 2011

Buy this car cash down:

Dainis W. Michel's 2011 Volvo xc60

Dainis W. Michel's 2011 Volvo xc60

Here is the spec sheet, the image above is the 2010 model. Yes, after I buy this car, I would like to convert a few vehicles to solar electric. Also, I would consider buying a diesel and running on vegetable oils gathered from local restaurants (but that might be for another vehicle).


Here’s the parked car on the way to Emi’s KG August 31st 2010

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May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

August 2011





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