Fixing Broken Offers…Stuff to Resolve

Situations to resolve:
WLM has not hired me. I could really help them with the documentation and support flow. I can see what is happening to them. Their documentation is going out of date, and hence they have more support requests. Their support requests are not feeding their documentation, and hence they are getting into the viscious cycle of having customers rely on support staff and NOT on documentation. That cycle sucks the time and life-blood out of paid software companies and solutions. It makes being a customer miserable, take more time than necessary, and makes working at the company less than optimal.

Documentation is like oil in an engine. You may not like it, but without it, the engine breaks down.

So, as a WLM user, I see the growth, the excitement and the youthfulness of the organization, but I also see “documentation” all over the place. The owner made training videos…which are then hard to find…and they are now out of date. There’s the WLI, but it’s not linked to the rest of the documentation. There’s the forum, which then becomes an alternate source for information exchange, but what are members supposed to post there as opposed to support tickets?

So, essentially, I see a lot of stuff that I have optimization solutions for. Why am I the right person? Because I have the solution. Have I “done this” for lots and lots of companies? Kind of…not really…but I see what I see and I have a track record of being right. However, the track record is only about 10% of the authority-people I encounter are happy about having someone “right” on their team. The rest get defensive, selfish, weird, pushy, etc.

Also, Stu and Tracy have repeatedly not hired me. So here they are, walking along with a successful business that is less functional than it would be if they just listened to and applied what I am saying (in their own way…but with particular principles that I know, represent, and can communicate to them).

Sometimes I think I represent something “hard,” because well…business owners need to actually incorporate what I am saying almost as if I were a business partner. I “need” authority to say the things I’m saying…do I have it?

I really and honestly am “right” about how I can help WLM, but they would actually have to do it…and what the hell is going on with that…this has been a really shitty cycle in my life where companies, business owners, etc. just haven’t worked with me.


So, I did this for WLM, I posted this in their forum:

I keep searching for these, so to save time, here are the current documentation and support resource links for WLM:

Forum: http://insider.wishlistproduct...
Suport Tickets: http://wishlistproducts.zendes...umentation: Available from within your WLM dashboard

Training Videos:

The Insider:

Customer Center:
- where you download your bonuses and used to get your software (but now you can do that from the dashboard)

…let me know if I missed anything and let’s share how we get to our solutions fastest.

—Anyway, it sucks searching around for this stuff and having different logins and all that jazz…it just sucks. Do I really have to “butter that up” to make a sale with WLM? WLM is great software, and it looks to be a great team, if Stu and Tracy present themselves as stubborn and ineffective regarding creating a usable online website creation community, then, well, I may just need to do it myself. And mine will be better…because I will listen to my member community…and I will concentrate on the principles of having the software work as fucking well as possible, bring customers to their solutions as fast as possible, and I will cultivate (as they have) a very warm and loving community. But, in many many ways, my hierarchy is HORIZONTAL, not vertical: I listen I care I respond, and where I am involved, procedures are effective, fast, and fun.

I really honestly feel that where I focus my time and attention, I create something “better” than most people. I wish I could just help people with what they’ve got, where they’re at, instead of needing to create a “better” solution myself, from the ground up.

SBI did not hire me
5000bc kicked me out of their community That’s where the videos are…post at WLM.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, D–, there’s a world where birds sing into every night, flowers bloom across every land, each problem has 10,000 solutions, and people live lives only to love and be loved…

Just like under the rainbow.
Ain’t life grand?
    The Universe

—this is what I’ve been trying to say all along.

Look at that scared, overtired, frustrated, beaten down dude. Fix it.


Remember how bad it was, D...

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