Clients and Prospects

I just received an email back from the prospect I mentioned.
This was her response:

I need some help. May

She runs, which is a million-dollar brand
in the making.  Already does several thousand a month.

I think we can sign up your first client this week.

One Responseto “Clients and Prospects”

  1. Brian Responses says:


    Your pitch about participation is very good!

    I have one main comment about that angle.

    Online participation is good, but direct response is better.

    I don’t think that BuddyPress (or whatever forum solution you choose)
    is going to be the best way to go, because I don’t think it’s the most
    direct route to more business.

    The most direct route to more business is making targeted offers to a
    relevant audience, and the best way I know how to do that is through
    email marketing.

    Hence my outline of services, which focuses on driving traffic to a
    webpage, collecting leads, and conducting follow-up marketing.

    I think everything you’ve got going on with the bar is great. A forum
    is not the right solution in my opinion, but the thoughts on engaging
    their audience and providing a done for you solution is awesome.

    That should be worth a few hundred euro a month. Let’s discuss on
    the call.


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