Cash Campaigns

This is for quick cash:
  1. You know, I get a buck for each Toolbar downloaded. I could have people download the free Community toolbar. I made one but never released it. Yes/No
  2. You know, FreeWave, the Local Bar/Restaurant WLAN provider…could really do a LOT with its freewave login page. It could give the business owner a spash advertising page for specials…and most importantly…and OPT IN PAGE in exchange for a nice and enticing LEAD MAGNET. That is a fucking awesome upsell for freewave and any Bar/Restaurant/CoffeShop WLAN Access page. Even Starbucks could do wonders with this page.
  3. Sell raw chocolate to people who come to a BioChor rehearsal. I would have to get off the dern fence on this one and actually start the choir.
  4. Do other affiliate campaigns
  5. Figure out some campaigns for and run them.
  6. Go do stuff that people will give me money for now (please do not underestimate this…I need money, on the ground, NOW)


Fast Cash now…sell things I can sell…sell them now.

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