Call 4 Prep

OK, May paid. She did pay the second link yet.

Let’s talk pitches and closes and a bit of time management.

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  1. Brian Responses says:

    Hey Dainis,

    I’m PUMPED about the progress you’re making with clients!

    I have a brief video for you here:

    It looks like you could REALLY help Mark. I think the kind of offer
    we’ve discussed (waiving or offer a low setup fee plus continuity)
    would be perfectly appropriate.

    As long as you understand what his goals are and how you can
    help him achieve them, you should WANT to pitch him on your

    While I’ve been actively trying to help you focus on getting clients
    who meet our criteria… I agree that a nice example of your own
    stuff couldn’t hurt. I would go with BioChor, because it’s a fun
    project for you, will be beneficial on its own, and will make a nice

    Talk soon,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the video.

      RE It looks like you could REALLY help Mark. I think the kind of offer
      we’ve discussed (waiving or offer a low setup fee plus continuity)
      would be perfectly appropriate.

      –ok, let’s talk it through.

    • admin says:

      hah, beat you to it…chose, and it’s a buddypress install now…

      should likely dress up the header image a bit and then concentrate on the community itself.

  2. admin says:

    Replied here,

    secure on the pitch for the bar owners tomorrow (no up front fee 300 per month), but I’m actually not quite sure what to actually give them.

    if you have any advice before 2PM CET tomorrow as to what i actually sell them, then great, otherwise, i just ask them for what they want, define the deal, and offer them whatever they want at 300 per month.

    i do feel a buddypress install would work well for the bar. so, i’m not sure what to do with that. a regular blog, in my opinion, would just turn into needless work for them. they aren’t exactly a “hot spot,” but they are certainly “warm.”

    friendly, very hip, classy, can get expensive well made drinks, very good lighting, very well-presented food and drinks…people go there.

    so what’s with the web and why should they care?

    what actual product/service would be best for this bar:

    That’s my street, by the way…


  3. admin says:

    ok, so now these guys are my “competitors.”

  4. admin says:

    What’s not supposed to happen: Dainis gets a few IM/hosting clients, and it becomes his life. How can we build in NOW that this is easy breezy for me, also, SCALABLE. I mean, 10 clients, OK, let’s get the 1st ten, but then, again, it can’t overwhelm my life. first 10 needs to move to first 100 easily, and really, Dainis doesn’t do a lot of work. Dainis defines how the business needs to work like: Users need to be able to switch out menus easily. Squeeze pages need to be integrated into the theme. Font sizes need to be relative.

    If I can work on that level, then it’s better.

    With 10 clients at 4 hrs per week of my time commitment, we are over what I can physically accomplish while handling the other things I need to handle.

    As we take this first step, what we are looking for is a MAX 20 hr per week commitment that brings in 5,000 Euro per month cash on hand.

    Ideally, it would be 10 hrs per week.

    So, if I “own” an equivalent to fine, but really, it is not sustainable for me to be the person “doing the work.”

  5. Brian Responses says:

    Hi Dainis,

    We have some great things going on now.

    I’d like to spend some time addressing a few of your questions now
    so we can make the most of our time this afternoon/evening.

    Is BuddyPress the best solution for the bar? I’m not sure. I think you’re
    good at what you do, and you’ll provide a solution that works for them.

    I would be careful about allowing them to dictate too much of what they
    want. That might sound a bit strange… but YOU are the expert. They
    know their business better than anyone else, so they establish the broad
    goals, but you’re the guy who figures out what needs to be implemented.

    I’m glad that you’re already thinking about scalability. I do hope that those
    concerns don’t hold you back from staying focused on getting a baseline
    of 10 good clients. You need that cash flow!

    But let’s go ahead and address the question- how does a service-based
    business scale?

    Certainly not by just working more hours. That only works for so long!

    A solo person can work longer hours and charge higher rates. An
    entrepreneur can develop a scalable model that doesn’t require their
    own effort for all of the work.

    I started to address this when we were talking about focusing on one big
    opportunity. How do you build out several scalable systems at once? I
    don’t even want to try!

    Ideally you will have a well-defined target market and a well-defined
    service offering. That service offering revolves around the results that
    are delivered by your proprietary methods (i.e. the fruits of your intellectual

    So you can promise a business owner a result that only your company
    can provide, and it can be delivered by the work of people other than you.

    How do you build that kind of scalable model? It begins with EXACTLY
    what you’re doing right now. Working one-on-one with clients. There is
    no skipping this stage. You can look ahead and prepare and actively build
    systems… but it’s gotta take place in the trenches!

    I think this is just about the best mentoring I’ve ever given. I hope we get
    BIG results.


  6. admin says:

    War unser gespräch wertvoll?
    Hab ich sicher vermittelt was ich anbiete
    Versteh ihr die Vorteile eines professionelem Internet Auftrittes, und versteht ihr den Unterschied zwischen einer wirtschaftstauglocher homepage und einer Broschüre?

    War unser Gespräch 500€ wert
    Wenn nicht, welcher betrag kommt dir passend vor oder war das Gespräch einfach total wertlos?

    Was war das schlimmste über meine presentation?
    Was war das beste?

    Get nero or Grande or one or two additional bars to buy Then they get even better deal…i can handle 3-5, but preferably max 3 Bars/Restaurants At The Same Time.

    Did you realize that Hosting, email, Marketing, List building AND Management Software is all included?

    Call 4:
    Pitch to Mark
    Martin AND Veronika
    Pitch to ochsenherz
    All pitches: to a Friend
    Do Google analytics AND Find cold call prospects

  7. admin says:

    talk about iContact’s solution
    pitch to school
    1) arbeitskreis
    2) school

    biochor is a go…so must launch campaign now…

  8. admin says:

    edward belbruno
    maureen higgins

  9. admin says:

    Mark: get on the phone or skype do the compelling pitch no upfront…low key…does he need this?

    Something that he wants but does not want to do the work…

    –information all in one
    –private online project communications, including audio and video download links

    Is there a desire?

  10. admin says:

    Is there desire vs. fulfilling demand?

    Build desire: demonstrating value up front in marketing. Free webinars, great info products.

    Have an example that is extremely relevant to them.

    Demonstrate that other biz’s are gaining value.

    Are they ready to take action?

  11. admin says:

    i allow myself to receive what i need
    i allow myself to receive the money i need right now
    i allow myself to receive the money i need without stress or effort
    i allow myself to receive the money i need with minimal effort, almost no work, and scalability for ongoing near-passive (creative involvement and authority)
    i allow myself to attract a minimum of 10 clients within 28 days for a total income of 3,000 Euro per month.

    brian essentially gives me the affirmations i need.
    tell me what’s missing in me … then i will cross out the missing part
    he gives me the missing parts as best he can, i access the rest

    the constellation of brian may dainis…to repeat that requires quite specific parameters

  12. admin says:

    give a presentation at a local rotary meeting
    do some kind of presentation
    postcards to a relevant group of people
    online landing page
    squeeze page automated email follow up

    local lead generation combining offline with online

    dentists in vienna
    kitchen remodeling in vienna
    what are people going to search for online
    tow trucks

    the keyword buy?
    roller kaufen wien

    vienna chiropractor
    vienna physiotherapie
    review keyword
    we are looking for reviews
    delivering a result for a local business

    1) the businesses i get a good vibe from driving around

    how can i determine…

    get them to purchase more often

    how many customers have you worked with over the past x years?

    furniture store…
    antiques…DB of customers
    call wirtschaftskammer…


    the conversation should have to do with their business…then tie what i do to the results of the business…

  13. admin says:

    So, here’s what I do this week:

    1) Land one or more speaking engagements by talking with Wirtschaftskammer, Maria, WIFI, etc.

    2) Go into businesses where I get a good vibe and get to the point where I’m pitching to the right person about direct response marketing…

    This is: Dainis stops by. LEGWORK. fine
    I commit to going into at least 10 businesses

    2.1) KEY QUESTIONS to ask…not too invasive…I’m here to help…just want to know. If I’ve booked the speaking engagement, I invite them to it. If not, maybe I make a speaking engagement myself…is there a free facility? Ask at WIFI, etc.

    2.2) ASK BRIAN…what key questions can I ask…good lead in questions when I walk into a nice looking biz that might have a DB of clients that they don’t use.

    2.3) Selected businesses:
    that furniture store on the 13A bus line

    3) Brianstorm cool offline businesses that may have a DB of clients.
    furniture store…
    kitchen remodeling
    additions to the hous

    4) ONLINE type businesses. Fast Find is important
    4.1 towing
    had an accident what do i do
    dentists in vienna
kitchen remodeling in vienna
what are people going to search for online
tow trucks
    the keyword buy?
roller kaufen wien
    vienna chiropractor
vienna physiotherapie
    5) State run stuff lead gen: wienerlinien, forstamt, kinderfreunde, etc.

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