Call 3 Prep

Would you please write out the skills, experience, and track record you bring to the table for offline business owners?

What is a skill?

A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. For example, in the domain of work, some general skills would include time management, teamwork and leadership, self motivation and others, whereas domain-specific skills would be useful only for a certain job. Skill usually requires certain environmental stimuli and situations to assess the level of skill being shown and used.

1.1 Learning to learn
1.2 Foundation skills
1.3 Basic skills competence
1.4 Reading
1.5 Writing
1.6 Computation
1.7 Communication skills
1.8 Oral
1.9 Listening
1.10 Problem-solving
1.11 Creative thinking
1.12 Self-Esteem
1.13 Motivation/goal setting
1.14 Employability/career development
1.15 Group effectiveness
1.16 Interpersonal
1.17 Negotiation and teamwork
1.18 Influence
1.19 Organizational
1.20 Leadership

I would like to see something extremely succinct that would make a business owner say “man, that is exactly the kind of person I need to be working with.”

I know you want to see something succinct. I won’t be able to pull out what actually matters without data dumping. It is likely that you could copy and paste something succinct from my data dump. This is a technique many writers use…and like I said, I can’t really think right now…condensing info requires thought…also…I’d have to “know” what my customers want…and without this process…I don’t know how to get there…here goes the dump:

The easy part:
If a “domain general” skill is a learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results with minimum time, energy, money, etc., then here goes:
Excellent time optimization
Excellent social skills, great on teams, makes friends easily
Cultivates a life of Integrity, which to me means: consistent honesty and kindness
Leadership: Fine in the leader role, also enjoy following.
FLAG: I get cramped when people do things in ways that “I can do better,” and then they “don’t allow” me to optimize their way of doing things.
Self-starter, self motivated.
Highly skilled knowledge acquirer, formatter and transmitter…so I can learn stuff incredibly quickly and was trained to do so in my technical writing courses and while on tech writing projects…and then I can condense and distill that knowledge in ways that allow that knowledge to be conveyed incredibly quickly.
FLAG: I do think that people are sometimes reluctant to spend time with me…maybe because I represent “aha” moments that they may not want to have. There are grounded souls who really love spending time with me, because they also love learning, efficiency, happiness, honesty, joy, kindness, etc. They don’t get all huffy when someone talks about a “better way” to do something, just because the thing that is being improved is something they do. Frankly, they enjoy learning and improving themselves and their lives and they easily let go of dysfunctional attachments. Such people, I do very very very well with.

OK, “domain specific skills that would only be used for a certain job”

again, a skill gets predetermined results with a minimum outlay of time effort money, etc.

…and we are saying “list the SKILLS I bring to the table for offline business owners”

  • Website creation redesign…even a slick way to leave your website alone, but have a listbuilding campaing (lead magnet offer) come up as a popup…so you don’t have to make any changes to your website yet…
  • List Management: tech solution and marketing skills (campaigns that work, campaigns I can tailor to your business)
  • Lead Magnet development and testing (conceptual and implementation) That means we work out a few lead magnets and roll them out on your website and see how many opt-ins you get.
  • I know how to get #1 Google rankings and can teach you how to do it too…

A HUGE part of this is understanding what’s important to the business owner, and the real benefits they’re looking for.

Customers, profits. Does anything else matter at all?

OK, I have short list of SKILLS,

EXPERIENCE: Been online since the inception of the Internet have been a webmaster, webmanager, web coordinator, and have built several online communities.

TRACK RECORD: My track record is one of consistent honesty, competence, and kindness. When I say I can do something for you, there is no BS, no nonsense. If you need or want something done, and I say I can do it, it means I can. When you hire me, I take on responsibility, both of us need to do our “parts” in the project, and well…everything works.

I would like to see something extremely succinct that would make a business owner say “man, that is exactly the kind of person I need to be working with.”
-I think we need to work on our risk reversal and look at it quite closely.
- I also think we might want to think about “the Viennese” a bit
-turbulence lights a fire under the client to give me money right now. What is that fire? I don’t think Viennese want to be pressured? What is compelling? Should this be a part of my listening campaign? Viennese simply DO NOT believe that anything at all needs to be done right now. They are much more inclined to believe that it is better to do nothing, because the waves of change will pass…and frankly…in Vienna…they have. And Vienna is better for it. They tried to change the law so stores could stay open later. Now stores can stay open, in some cases, till 7:30PM. Only grocery stores at main train stations can legally be open on Sundays. Do you know how NICE that makes Vienna? Imagine a Sunday where it is actually a pain in the ass to even go grocery shopping, and where you simply CAN’T go shopping for clothes or fridges or anything like that. WOW, Sunday winds up being frigging SUNDAY. People go to restaurants and cafes, they meet each other and talk, they go places and see things and help out relatives and take care of their apartments. Not frigging bad.

So, the Viennese do NOT like to be pushed and would rather not do anything than do something. And “something new,” well, that’s the worst possible. Something OLD…now that’s compelling.

Hooks and headlines seem to be “cool things I can say” to attract money:
(I’m having a “problem” right now finding a good hook)

Let’s make sure we really nail the ape-brain reasons that seal the deal:

The huge promise
–I think this may wind up being formulated in the deal…the Viennese do not trust huge promises AT ALL. I think it needs to be an exact promise, on that makes sense to them. Definitely not “hypey.”

I think clearing objections is a pretty vital part of crafting this offer, and making me “exactly” the kind of person a local biz wants to work with, here’s where I start:

I may have missed it, but I’m still looking for specifics on the target market for these solutions (who are you going to sell your services to?)

What is Dainis going to sell?

Testimonials will be replaced with “a need for case studies?”
So, that’s why they get a special deal?
OR: use and and as case studies? my other sites?

My sales funnel: the structure of my one or more offers:

-We need to map out the constellation of call to action possibilities. It needs to be very easy for them to pay and close the deal. I may need to have a contract, and I can write one. Maybe the person just wants “more information,” which is a very easy close and call to action, but then they likely won’t do anything. The business owners feel like they don’t have the time to talk about this issue. Some feel they should, but are too busy working every day to bring in something “new.” I represent that they may need to think, and thinking requires effort. And then, why would they “think” with me…I mean, they have a friend/relative/trusted resource whom they can ask about this stuff when they get around to it…Dainis seems nice, and I might work with him after I call Karl/trusted resource/my college roommate who works in advertising now and did the interior design of my business…and well…then the business owner never even calls “Karl.”

So, how do I make it worth their while to “do this now?” Without pressure…with reasons…and with a very good deal financially?

Also, Americans talk about price. Europeans DON’T. So, I can’t ask them how much they paid for their current website…and frankly…they probably paid VERY LITTLE for it. Like my nephew did it for 100 Euros so that our website could be in his portfolio little.

A completely different option, should I try it on a few businesses, it’s a pitch that goes like this:

The complete absolute honest to goodness truth.

The truth is: I’m really good at this online stuff and can position your business to profit from building an online community. It includes creating a blog, social media profiles, and designing a cooperation or “effort structure” where you, your employees, and your community of clients interact online in a way that serves your bottom line. The reason I am doing this for 10 clients at an incredibly low rate, is because I need to move out from my apartment due to how my wife treats me. I am 85% mother and 100% father, and I need to live separate from my wife for a while and bring in psychological support as well as caretaking support for our daughter.

What will happen if you work with me is one of a few options:

1) We both do our part and succeed: We will work together, you will incorporate my coaching into your business model, and at the end you will have integrated your physical business with the virtual environment that brings you ongoing profits, flexibility, builds your relationship with your clients, brings you more clients, and well…we’ll have had a lot of fun

2) I do my part, you don’t do yours: You will resist designating tasks to your employees and will resist the online-offline business integration process. You won’t run campaigns and won’t do the work necessary to succeed online. Your business may thrive on the ground, and it may not, however, the web will not become a source of profits or client interaction for you, and basically, all electronic communications will be a real pain for you…so you just won’t do it.

3) We both do our parts and something goes wrong: If this happens, that’s why we test. It’s basically impossible to not build good client relationships with the strategies we are talking about. It is also impossible to NOT achieve top search engine rankings, however it is vaguely possible that we may not reach our financial benchmarks (or we won’t be able to measure them). So, your business might begin suffering, but other businesses in your market may be experiencing much faster drop-off in business, so in that case, your survival is what we’ve accomplished. Also, for time reasons and other reasons, you may just get more traffic to your business in ways that aren’t really directly trackable, so we won’t be able to “exactly” pinpoint the reason for your business growth. Next, the online campaigns may fail. Your market may not “be ready” for a certain type of marketing, and “going first” is sometimes not immediately rewarding. So, it might look like your “stuff” is failing, like we aren’t making any money…but the thing about that is that we are placing your business either on or ahead of “the curve.” So, this kind of business and client relationship management WILL become critical in ALL markets. As more businesses give and serve their markets in virtual environments, more customers will ONLY do business with businesses who have such environments in place. What I mean is: if I’m locked out of my apartment and have an iPhone and search for a locksmith to let me into my apartment, I will select one of the top 5 businesses that come up in my search. THEN, I will do repeat business with the locksmith company that gathered my email and sent me a free video series on keeping my apartment safe, preventing robberies, what to do if you actually have been robbed, etc. They may even give me a 10% email coupon code, if it ever happens again…and I can even send or email that coupon code to my friends and earn points at my locksmith’s community.

So, this IS the new wave of business. It is BETTER BUSINESS, it is more friendly, more appropriate and more ethical. It meets the needs of customers better, faster, sometimes less expensively, and sometimes not. The point is, the customers receive their benefits faster and better…and they become parts of communities in areas that are important to them. They are loyal to those businesses who treat them in ways that they like…and businesses can now do that…in amazing, convenient, and passionate ways…through developing their online-offline business strategy and implementing it right away.

So, help me, help my daughter, and help yourself and your business…


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6 Responsesto “Call 3 Prep”

  1. admin says:

    OK, I’m totally done for today, basically, this category goes through John Carlton’s 17 step SWS system.

    I copied in some of the stuff for reference, so I recommend:

    1) open all the tabs for the 17 steps
    2) skim past the stuff to the stuff

    If you need me to answer specific questions I can, it’s just that this is the body of knowledge from which I will draw my answers.

  2. admin says:

    Reason Why From Brian

    “I’ve successfully developed online communities (insert more social proof
    here), and now I would like to help local businesses leverage the power of
    the internet. I just need to show that (my specific skills) are relevant. This
    is why I think they are. I’ll prove it to you risk free, in exchange for a case
    study (and a shot at your business, though that may come during a later

    How about

    The reason why I’d like to work with you is because I’ve developed several successful online products and websites to support them, and now I would like to help local businesses leverage my knowledge for their profit.

  3. admin says:

    Struggle: holy crap! look at all that twitte myspace youtube blogging facebook…who’s going to DO ALL OF THAT WORK???

    Answer: Online, fun replaces work, and I can help you do that not only yourself but with your team and with your most loyal customers.

  4. admin says:

    the single “thing happening” online is participation. there is nothing else happening. you participate via media: text, video, audio, etc. we are becoming media is what we are doing, but that gets into the philosophical underpinnings of what’s happening. what’s important for you as a business owner is to tap into this well, to ride this wave of increased participation. Of PARTICIPATION becoming almost like a currency, and the more they participate with you, the more they will spend.

    What I would like to do is to help you design a participatory environment for your offline business in a way that is fun for you, your employees, and your customers.

    That includes a complete blog, social networking, hosting, email accounts, lead magnet consulting, email management, etc. I am here to be your one-stop solution for online-offline business integration.

    With me on your team, with me managing your online presence, you can relax, you’ve got a trustworthy professional making sure you get the return on investment you deserve.

  5. admin says:

    We’ve got to get fear in here. Had a conversation with a biz owner today and we were talking about how the web is making stuff more transparent. I said that I wasn’t able to explain “what I do” well the last time we talked. I said I put it all into a yin yang diagram and he was like “cool,” I told him that in my opinion we have a survival of the species issue at hand and that business is going through process of self healing of becoming more pure.

    He said, I was talking with my partner today about whether we should put the name of our supplier of products on our home page, because someone with more money could just invest 20,000 Euro and beat us and then they are “the chiefs.”

    I said, that’s where the protection of a social network is critical.

    A Monsanto next-of kin person took over sunfoods nutrition and well…everyone found out. We all know not to buy sunfoods stuff anymore. The screwed David Wolfe, and well, much much less of “our” money is going to “them.”

    Through FaceBook, Twitter, Your Blog, Social media, etc., your community becomes your own “media.” That is your protection, especially if you are doing something heartfelt and socially conscious. You have immediate contact with your, let’s say, 1,000 most loyal clients. You are important to them and they care about you…and will fend for you…

    This guy was like: yeah do send your offer over to me, cuz like in the next 3-6 months, it sounds like we’d be ready for something like that.

    So FEAR. He was afraid of being eaten by a bigger fish. With appropriate social networking, that is much much less likely.

  6. admin says:

    From Brian:


    Your pitch about participation is very good!

    I have one main comment about that angle.

    Online participation is good, but direct response is better.

    I don’t think that BuddyPress (or whatever forum solution you choose)
    is going to be the best way to go, because I don’t think it’s the most
    direct route to more business.

    The most direct route to more business is making targeted offers to a
    relevant audience, and the best way I know how to do that is through
    email marketing.

    Hence my outline of services, which focuses on driving traffic to a
    webpage, collecting leads, and conducting follow-up marketing.

    I think everything you’ve got going on with the bar is great. A forum
    is not the right solution in my opinion, but the thoughts on engaging
    their audience and providing a done for you solution is awesome.

    That should be worth a few hundred euro a month. Let’s discuss on
    the call.


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