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On Aug 26, 2010, at 8:31 PM, Brian McElroy wrote:

Hi Dainis,

Great first call.  We covered a lot of background, and I think we’re ready
to move forward.

I went through the spreadsheet that you sent over.  A couple of thoughts…

- I don’t recommend doing anything (ANYTHING!) with urine therapy.  That’s
purely from an opportunity analysis standpoint.  Gotta focus on our biggest
opportunities and leave out EVERYTHING else that sucks up time and yields
little to no results.

- Documentation is hot… but I would really like to focus on building out great
systems for YOU and documenting them so you can build out a solid team as
business comes in.

OMF looks really promising.  Having that kind of well-established client could
be a significant boost to your credibility.  I don’t use iContact, though I have a
of friends who do (I manage my list with InfusionSoft).

What I would do if I were you is develop a relationship with iContact and also
familiarize yourself with how their software works.  They have an agency
solution that’s extremely reasonable, which would allow you to have separate
accounts for each of your clients.  Also… no install :-)

The VERY NEXT STEPS I’d like to see are simple…

1) A list of the type of businesses you think would be appropriate to work with

2) A list of how they can be reached (either in person, via the mail, or over the

3) The kind of services you THINK they need and would pay for.

After that we’ll get into actually speaking with some people to test your
assumptions and work on more solid footing.  Research first, test your
assumptions, revise as needed, then BALLS TO THE WALL.


On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 3:20 PM, Dainis Michel <> wrote:

thanks for the call. can you send me a quick task list?

this is a 3-month shot, i’m happy with you making your best recommendation and doing that. you know where i’m at, you know i have artistic goals that are kind of “locked” in that i have neglected them for about 5 years. also, paying attention to my artistic “creation” needs has, in the past, put me in the emotional space that has generated significant income for me…so that might be worthy of consideration…we can also say: dainis, feed that need max 1 hr per day, outside of our allocated 30 hrs per week.

next, a very practical question: i recently purchased AutoResponsePlus (Mark Joyner product), but the install procedure is a real pain. i noticed you use iContact. assuming that my focused offer will be internet marketing related, should i move my lists over to iContact and also recommend that for my clients?

as i mentioned, is my first IM client, and i need to set up their listbuilding and mass emailing software fairly soon. i get 8% of donations gathered through their campaigns and have another 12% to give to others. i am their email donations gathering consultant as well.


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  1. admin says:

    1) A list of the type of businesses you think would be appropriate to work with

    This depends on the offer.
    If I go with IM services, then I can go for a few types of businesses that relate to the lists that I have.

    My lists:
    1) Dainis Music List:
    email list:
    size: about 100 people
    description: previous music eBook purchasers, previous music students.
    physical contacts list: people I’ve conducted, previous choir members
    2) list: 400 organic and sustainable business owners in Austria
    3) List: 600 free opt in, 90 total customers (former and current) about 35 current members
    4) Business contacts
    Dainis meets people well, knows business owners, gets invited to stuff, but for a few years has been really shitty at closing deals.
    5) UT list: about 100 people. As odd as it sounds, if someone practices urine therapy, i have much more confidence that they are an honest person whom i could create an ongoing, sustainable, and healthy business relationship with. mahatma gandhi practiced urine therapy, madonna advocates it, championship fighters use it, the USA ski team admitted using UT…the list goes on and on and on and on and on. As “hidden” as this health secret is, people who practice ut are connected to the “divine” in, well, a more direct way than most people who don’t. So, an offer to UT people may very well create the kind of response we are looking for…and it may connect me with the kind of REAL and WHOLESOME people I deeply yearn to collaborate with and do business with.
    6) I created a video about the 4 criteria that need to be met for me to be able to offer a “double your business within the next 3-6 months” for Vienna Businesses. The criteria are:
    6.1) High search volume for a high-profit product: kitchen remodeling, towing, dentist, unlock my door (aufsperdienst), etc.
    6.2) High sales volume
    6.3) Small percentage of Total Market Volume
    6.4) Analyze Current Local Business Search Placement in Search Engines and move forward with physical and virtual sales process integration (be found, build a list, convert the list).

    So, what is the offer?
    A Blog, IM services, list building, lead magnet creation, hosting, online business coaching…all wrapped in one…for 100-300 Euro per month.

    –at least that is one possibility

    Getting closer to the types of businesses I feel would be appropriate to work with:

    Making a good amount of money
    “Desperate” for Internet help…possibly crappy website, would love to have someone come in and “take over” their “web stuff”
    —maybe not desperate…maybe normal happy people who just simply aren’t desperate. I’m tired of working with and for aggressive, desperate, stressed, people. What about working with and for healthy, happy people who recognize what an awesome resource I am? How about working with businesses who value me, my intelligence, and how much money I can help them make? How about working with businesses who want to bring in someone at my intelligence level who can help streamline their business processes in a way that will help their business engine purr like a satisfied sex kitty?
    Want awesome web site
    Want flexibility
    Recognize their need for and the phenomenal possibilities online

    …basically, I am a composer and online publisher, and I help businesses create profitable websites and increase their bottom line through online/offline business integration.

    So, if you want to generate profits online by 1) being found online (top google placement) 2) listbuilding 3) list conversion strategies…then work with me…

    2) A list of how they can be reached (either in person, via the mail, or over the
    in person

    …any biz can be reached in these ways…

    3) The kind of services you THINK they need and would pay for.

    OK, I THINK businesses need to have their support processes streamlined and they really need excellent documentation…but most businesses don’t pay for it. Only smart ones do, and they really really really succeed.

    What they need and would pay for…

    You have me stumped at “and would pay for.”

    Basically, I walk around offering people what they need, what would make them lots more money, and I’m getting lots of doors slammed in my face.

    Recent examples include:

    * I personally delivered an offer letter to 7 trial local businesses for IM services (these are business owners that I know personally…I wrote a letter saying that if they are not making money off of their websites, then they are wasting their money). It was a John Carlton style letter…no one said yes…no one knocked my door down to get the awesome deal.

    * who is looking at creating an online community called the HAI SOCIETY. I have a really damn good campaign outlined for them, I contacted the business owners, they said “awesome, let’s talk,” and then the idea fizzled. I’ve contacted them like 4 times since and they are not responding. This is one of the leading Mac stores in Vienna…I have a KILLER email campaign that I KNOW would make them a ton of money…I even said hey how about I give you the first campaign for 500 bucks…no response…how about first campaign for a percentage of profits…no response. Fucking pay me fucking money so I can help you make shitloads more than you’ve paid me…what the fuck is going the fuck on? Fuck!

    * Job applications to and and a few other places. In general, if they’ve written back, they’ve said I’m overqualified. I even responded and said “hey, I can do a campaign for you for no upfront costs and only a percentage of profits,” and they haven’t responded.

    Lead Magnet for IM clients in German (for Vienna Market)

    Complete Vid:

    Get the Flash Player to see this video.

  2. admin says:

    Task: make video reply to Brian from home, where my internet connection will allow me to upload it.

    Task: create some clear goals and place them on the timeline in the google doc.

  3. admin says:

    just remembered…i have a tinnitus liberation tree planting campaign. the original idea was “when you are healed of tinnitus, I plant the tree in honor of your success.” However, it seems better to plant the tree at about month 6 of membership, if the member is ready. I could include a tree planting campaign in my next offer series. Can trees be planted in the fall…what do you think?

  4. admin says:

    Attach the offer letter for IM that I tried
    Attach the offer letter for Documentation
    Attach all of my sales pages so far

    Discuss the necessary shift for closing sales.

  5. admin says:

    Sent to like 10 realtors, kitchen remodeling people too:

    On Jul 9, 2010, at 6:55 PM, Dainis Michel wrote:

    Sehr geehrter Mariusz Jan Demner und das DMB Team,

    wenn Sie mein Angebot sich durchschauen, werden Sie sehen, dass ich eine einzigartige Möglichkeit anbiete, die aber durch Ihrer Vermittlung viel schlagkräftiger ankommen würde…


    Es gibt sehr selten Möglichkeiten solche Angebote machen zu können.

    Ich bitte um 10 Minuten Aufmerksamkeit, um zu erfahren welche Unternehmer in Wien JETZT die Möglichkeit haben den Umsatz in ca. 3-6 Monaten zu verdoppeln.

    Dainis W. Michel lädt Sie zu einem Video-Geschäftsgespräch im Kaffeehaus ein:


    M.M. Dainis W. Michel
    Albertgasse 57/11
    A-1080 Wien
    SkypeID: dainismichel
    Tel: +43 1 406 1787 (CET Time Zone)
    Mobile: +43 699 1 512 2983 (CET Time Zone)
    US Fax/VM: +1 317 713 1177 (Avl. 24/7)

  6. admin says:

    Sent to a restaurant where I know the owner:

    Mehr oder weniger, hier ist das worüber ich mit Euch in letzter Zeit gesprochen habe. Gastronomie ist etwas schwieriger und 3-6 Monaten ist nicht realistisch…aber eine “Einbindung” der Kunden ist schon möglich…und weil die Umsatzverdoppelung für Euch nicht realistisch ist, bekommen Sie einen Profit-gemässen Preis…

    Schaut mal mein Video an, da sind die Grundlagen drinnen…


    Es gibt sehr selten Möglichkeiten solche Angebote machen zu können.

    Ich bitte um 10 Minuten Aufmerksamkeit, um zu erfahren welche Unternehmer in Wien JETZT die Möglichkeit haben den Umsatz in ca. 3-6 Monaten zu verdoppeln.

    Dainis W. Michel lädt Sie zu einem Video-Geschäftsgespräch im Kaffeehaus ein:


    M.M. Dainis W. Michel
    Albertgasse 57/11
    A-1080 Wien
    SkypeID: dainismichel
    Tel: +43 1 406 1787 (CET Time Zone)
    Mobile: +43 699 1 512 2983 (CET Time Zone)
    US Fax/VM: +1 317 713 1177 (Avl. 24/7)

  7. admin says:

    Sent to a lawyer whose wife is a friend of a friend:

    Hi Marcus,

    Hat mich wirklich gefreut dass wir uns zufällig gesehen haben und dass wir etwas “fun-time” mit einander erleben konnten.

    War schön kühl oben am Schneeberg :-)

    Hier die Marketing Videos, die wir besprochen haben:

    Bei email Anmeldung und dann Registrierung (als Gast), dann kannst du die ganzen Prinzipien kostenlos durchschauen…

    Meine Marketing Webseite ist kaum ein Monat alt, aber es ist wirklich spannend was jetzt online möglich ist…

    Die Webseiten wo ich diese Methoden am meisten benutze sind:

    Habe “Rechtsanwalt in Wien” etwas recherchiert, und der Markt steht zur Eroberung nicht “total offen,” aber sagen wir so, “mehr oder weniger offen.”

    Dieses private Video erklärt die “Markt Eroberungs” Möglichkeit und ist auch ein Angebot mein Coaching Produkt weiterzuvermitteln:

    So dann alles gute, hi an Gloria und Charlotte (sp?),


    PS: Für jetzt “amal” verstehe ich meine Leistung als “Geheimtipp” in Wien. Möchte wirklich nicht mich im Vordergrund drücken…eher gute Betriebe, gute Leute, gute Unternehmenskonzepte, die einfach Ihren Markt erobern möchten…ok?

    M.M. Dainis W. Michel
    Albertgasse 57/11
    A-1080 Wien
    SkypeID: dainismichel
    Tel: +43 1 406 1787 (CET Time Zone)
    Mobile: +43 699 1 512 2983 (CET Time Zone)
    US Fax/VM: +1 317 713 1177 (Avl. 24/7)

  8. admin says:

    So, I can work with
    a) businesses that meet the 4 criteria for doubling their income, see 6.1-6.4 above
    a.1) these can be searched for, local market analysis can be done beforehand…if Brian sold that local biz product, then just show me how to do the analysis on the next call or just send me the QuickProcedure
    b) heartfelt businesses (sustainable, eco, organic, etc.)
    b.1) LOCAL: the list, however, there are hundreds and hundreds more. electric bikes, farming projects, wineries, stores, etc. etc. etc.
    b.2) ONLINE: find online clients for $300/mo service
    b.2.i) possibly start a community over at (my domain). Just install buddypress, the process would be: invite marketing people to make a max 10 minute video on what type of “higher purpose” projects would they really like to work on. Sales from the site are 10% affiliate sales for marketers. The whole site is free. Profit from the list.

    What I think they need and would pay for:
    1) Online-Offline Business Integration = Virtual and Physical Business Integration
    2) List Management: tech solution and marketing consulting package
    3) Top search engine rankings, great lead magnets (and testing methods), list conversion strategies
    4) Solutions that range from pure coaching to “done-for-you” online biz implementation

  9. admin says:

    “I have been an Agency account with iContact for almost three years. The platform is extremely flexible and allows me to meet whatever requirements my customers have. Deliverability and reporting are outstanding and the support has been great. I could not be happier with my decision to work with iContact.”
    - Dave Gonynor, President, Thatsbiz

    Hello Dainis ,

    Thank you for your interest in the iContactPlus Agency Edition. Some highlights of the Agency program include:

    Branded solution with your logo replacing the iContact logo
    Client sending unaffected by status of other clients
    Multi-login, multi-user creation and unlimited client folders
    AB Split Testing
    Custom footer creation available for each client
    Unlimited image storage
    Unlimited segmentation
    Flexible and varying client access
    Account Manager assistance
    Some highlights of the iContact Application include:

    99% Deliverability rate
    Surveys, RSS Feeds, Blog Templates and Community Archiving included
    Tracking down to the user and individual link
    Top-rated WSYISYG editor available
    There is a $99 set up fee followed by a $99 per month recurring fee and a cost of $3/1000 emails on a pay-per-send basis. We would provide you with a dedicated account manager to help get the program started and to provide support on an ongoing basis. I have attached a document that outlines all the costs and responsibilities and another document with screenshots of the Agency Edition.
    I will follow-up with you, but please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    Best regards,

    Kevin Scheid
    (919) 957-6031

    2635 Meridian Parkway, Suite 200
    Durham, NC 27713

    • admin says:

      Hmmm…I wonder if there is a way to charge the client per send automatically with a bit of a profit margin…

  10. admin says:

    Regarding the “types of businesses” to work with, beyond them being ethical and ideally “way above the rest” regarding sustainability and eco-practices, I guess it’s not that important.

    You tell me whom to work with.

    Here are some guesses, and I’ve tested a few of these a bit:

    The German equivalent of:
    lawyer in Vienna
    bar in Vienna
    kitchen remodeling in Vienna
    dentist in Vienna
    buy a watch in Vienna
    tow service in Vienna
    Glass expert in Vienna
    locksmith in Vienna

  11. admin says:

    Documentation offers have gone out to:

    * Local Jobs
    * Wishlist Member (i don’t know why this group hasn’t hired me yet…i can help them)
    * iDevAffiliate (interested have not closed)
    * ultimate footer ad (seemed interested, didn’t bite)
    * ryan deiss (said yes to a preliminary offer)
    * John Carlton

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