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Main sales page:

Other pages contain protected content

Have a 7-day course that is a part of the newsletter subscription, which was broken since the hack attack, but would likely work now that WLM has been upgraded

Where do I pay? Where do I join? These are not obvious at, which could likely be easily remedied.

Also, I’ve been wanting to move over to AutoResponsePlus, but the install is such a pain that I am considering InfusionSoft or iContact…anyway, I think a popup would be a decent idea, I did test the Ultimate Footer Ad for a while…anyway…all of the emails have if you’d like to join, click here in them…so each email is a sales page actually…

Sight Singing


leads to

…and people actually buy this. When I’ve run Google Ads, I’ve beaten the break even point. Just never really pumped and pumped and pumped the biz

I would also quite enjoy delivering this product:

I tried a quick campaign and no one bought


My first “major” Sales Page. I really thought this was going to transform my life. It didn’t. I sold a bunch of eBooks, when my page was a completely short bullet list and a sales page thrown together in 5 min. When I changed the sales page to a REAL sales page, sales dropped significantly. Here it is:

Next was a thrown together product, that almost no one has purchased. It’s pretty good as far as the product goes, but the pitch is dismal and I spent little time on it:

When people opt-in, they get something called the “Unleash the Songwriting GENIUS in YOU!” bundle. That seems to be more of a compelling product. But I really don’t get very many opt-ins, not a lot of people see the offer…

Interestingly, pages like seem to be quite credible.

Business Goal: sustainable living website…affiliate hub…interviews and fun!


IM Coaching

Local Biz IM/hosting/blogging/SEO/coaching/List Management Offer

DWM-Note: pull this off the backup drive…

What’s worked best:

The best sales process was when I released a $97 guided support package at and had a $17 self-paced package available via a direct purchase link in an email…hold on…that might not be true…

Around the time when I was taking John Carlton’s SWS, my sales really started kicking in. Most of that was through email marketing, I’ve been thinking that it would be good for me to go back an re-read those emails.


Basically, I feel like there is kind of “something up” with my offers. I want people to see paying me as the logical next choice. No pressure selling without selling. Brian, you mentioned that I need to make some slight changes to my offers. Please tell me what those changes are. Is it sequence? What is it? How does my offer need to be structured?

It’s almost like “I’ve gone through enough copywriting courses…I’m tired of copywriting courses…”

John Carlton’s work had the most impact…do I just continue to immerse myself in that? I do need repeatable results NOW. My products are good, my skills are good…get me selling.

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  1. admin says:

    Links to my Local Biz IM Campaign:

    Sent to 8 businesses where I know the ownwers…no takers…some continued talk…

    Albergasse39 (a bar)
    Florianihof (a cafe)
    Cafe Hummel
    Mag Heyn (organic pharmacy)
    Gradwohl (organic bakery)
    Ochsenherz (organic farm)
    BioMarkt Maran (organic grocery stores)
    Nero (owner of two restaurants)

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