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I am an affiliate of

  • Wishlist Member
    • I’ve made about $500 from this program
  • ElegantThemes
  • Perfect Pitch Training Program (have not done anything with this, but they sent me their program for free to evaluate, and it is very good)
  • david wolfe’s the best day ever / longevity now program
    • I know of 2 people who purchased through my links, but I’ve never gotten paid. This is over $100 owed to me
  • a few clickbank books on vaccines (none sold)
  • amazon affiliate
    • (they’ve got $100 sitting and waiting for me, but it took like 3 years to get to that amount)
  • Manifestation program by Jafree and Margot (not a bad program actually)
  • Maybe a few more…but never really “did much” as an affiliate marketer

What about becoming an affiliate of:

    • I was searching on transcription software, and well, would really benefit from transcriptions of our Cure Tinnitus Shows. Also, even something like the 3-month coaching Brian and I are doing, with transcriptions of the calls, could turn into a $97 business transformation product. Too bad they don’t seem to have a 30-day trial…
  • Also, John Carlton is on the verge of letting me be one of his affils. I just need to do testimonial for him, but frankly, I need to be making more money for my testimonial not to be bullshit. For this, I came up with the concept of
  • other high-quality products
    • I am very interested in raising gr8 kids. also being a great dad. i could create a site that is first an affiliate site, then move to creating my own dad products.

My affiliate program at

I could build out my affil programs and have people run campaigns for me

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