Potential Affiliate Relationships

As I go, if I see stuff that looks like it could be a go…I’ll post here…

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    The Muse’s News
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    September 2010

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    Editor’s Musings:
    Welcome to another edition of the Muse’s News – and thanks for subscribing! If you know of anyone that might find this newsletter useful, feel free to forward it along to them, though I’d appreciate it if you left the entire issue intact, including the credits at the end. Much appreciated!

    Lots of great stuff to get to in this issue, but I’ll start with saying that we have a new reviewer. His name is Jean-Baptiste Collinet and he hails from France – so those of you Europeans who were hesitating about sending in your works of art all the way to the States, you now have someone in your general neck of the woods that you can send your package to instead. :-)

    Before we get to the meat of the issue, here are the latest raffle winners:

    Karen Morand from Windsor, ON Canada, has won a beautiful (and highly useful!) notebook from The Jotted Line.

    Paul David Stanko from Plymouth, MN, has won a 6 month membership to GuitarMasterClass.net. GMC has tons of helpful videos, instructors and lessons along with a forum for chatting with teachers and students 24/7, recording collaborations, attending video chats, & content for bass, drums, singing, piano, etc.

    Mike Hawkins, from Newport News, VA, has won a copy of Virtual Studio Systems’ Lyricist software.

    Becky Wright, from Tahlequah, OK, has won a free 3 month membership to SongU, an Internet-based learning environment providing online coaching, co-writing and pitching opportunities, in addition to over 70 multi-level courses developed by award-winning songwriters.

    John Hamilton, from Boulder, CO, has won a downloadable version of Rhyme Genie, a dynamic rhyming dictionary featuring over 300,000 entries and 30 different rhyme types.
    To put yourself in the running for a raffle prize of your very own, have a look at the various prizes offered at the top of The Muse’s News webpage, decide which prizes you’d most like, and email me with your top two choices along with your mailing address so that I can get the prizes to you. Yup. It’s that simple – but only those folks reading this newsletter get the opportunity. ;-)

    I wish you all a very productive end of summer beginning of fall, and I’ll see you again next month!

    All the best,


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