Truly Caring About Your “Market” Really Helps

Truly Caring About Your “Market” Really Helps

You know, I’ve been working hard at entering the “Internet Lifestyle,” and with all the Internet Marketing mail about making things easy, outsourcing, techie stuff, how to make sales, hypnotic selling, and all that jazz, I felt that it could be useful to mention that truly caring about your market (that is, the group of people you serve) really helps with your business.

I mean, at the time of writing, I’m gravitating towards a thousand bucks per month of online income. Well, my turnover is more than a thousand, but take-home is around 700 or 750. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned just getting to this point, and, quite frankly, I CARE about my markets.

Here are the sites I make money from online:
and now, a tiny eety bitty trickle of donation money is coming in from

I make regular commission money from my affiliation with Wishlist Products, and their software and support are simply outstanding:

Interestingly, as I progress, people are starting to SEEK ME OUT to work with me, and I now offer coaching services that take ALL of the headaches out of making money online. I am a teacher-type and I work from solid foundations, so if you have an online or offline business and want to work with a coach who can help you

1) Achieve top placement in Google
2) Build a healthy list of email contacts
3) Learn how to establish a great mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with those contacts

…then just get in touch…

The focus of this post, though, is: It really helps if you care about the market you serve. I mean, it’s a very peaceful feeling to know that I am helping thousands of people with tinnitus per month. That’s AMAZING and only possible through the Internet. The same goes for the musicians who’ve purchased my eBooks. I mean, they are POWER PACKED with great information that will truly serve them well in their musical careers.

So, if you’re deciding between trying to make a quick buck and serving a market you care about…consider at least testing the latter…and sticking with it long enough to feel satisfied.

Talk soon,

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