Mike Adams recently announced his financial affiliation with the company Moxxor. Is he letting his subscribers down?

Mike Adams recently announced his financial affiliation with the company Moxxor. Is he letting his subscribers down?

Mike Adams, known by many as the outrageously courageous and outspoken Health Ranger, has committed himself to a top-level affiliate relationship with the company Moxxor. Is Mike Adams now just a pill peddler like the companies he reports on? An open letter to Mike follows.

Will the Internet now be riddled with headlines like:

Formerly independent, Mike Adams is now peddling pills like the companies he reports on. But his pills are better…or are they?


Mike Adams, through his financial affiliation with Moxxor, can no longer call himself an independent journalist.
Is Mike’s official stance still valid?

The NaturalNews Network is owned and operated by Truth Publishing International, Ltd., a Taiwan corporation. It is not recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States, but it operates without a profit incentive, and its key writer, Mike Adams, receives absolutely no payment for his time, articles or books other than reimbursement for items purchased in order to conduct product reviews.

You decide.

Here is my personal, open letter to Mike Adams for your review and commentary.

Hi Julie, Holly,

Please forward this message to Mike…


Mike, we had an interview planned for my sustainable living website, but we didn’t quite connect. The site is called rGlohJahWwans.com, and I had to take it off the market due to CC fraud attempts. There was a “ceiling” I couldn’t quite get through.

I’m currently developing curetinnitus.org and urine-therapy.org, both of which have videos of me, if you’re curious. I’ve been reading your Mindful Wealth newsletter since its inception, and your letter today inspires me to send you a personal message.

About a year or so ago, or a bit less, I felt your newsletters were getting progressively angrier, and it made me concerned for you. I can understand the rage you must feel at the corruption and destruction you report. There was a newsletter where you stated that you were considering giving up eating fish. Remember that? You talked about “lower life forms.”

I’d like to present two quotes from your letter to me:

“I already knew where any profits would be directed: Towards fighting…”
“Of course, we’re also financially benefiting, and will be using these funds to go to battle…”
What are your thoughts on dedicating money to fight and battle? Are those your higher goals? I recognize that you felt great on the Moxxor capsules. Here’s my question: “is there a way for you to feel that great for free?”

Another question: “Can you justify killing in order to feel that good?”
In your FAQ’s, you note:

“Is this product appropriate for vegetarians or vegans? No.”
With that, is it possible that you might alienate the most peace-loving and, using a term I’ve heard you use, “highest vibration” individuals on your list?

You know what? I have a gift for you, which I need to put together. Then, I will post this email in a public forum and either post or request your response. This is WAY too important to keep private.

Looking forward to a respectful exchange,



PS: Here is my public message to Moxxor:

Dear Moxxor Team, Mike Adams just informed me about your product and partner search. He wrote about how great your capsules made him feel. Here are excerpts from his letter: “I already knew where any profits would be directed: Towards fighting…” “Of course, we’re also financially benefiting, and will be using these funds to go to battle…” “Is this product appropriate for vegetarians or vegans? No.” In response, I wish to sincerely and respectfully bring to the table the question: “Can one justify killing in order to feel that good?” I am moved enough to bring this discussion to a public forum and will inform you of the location of my post. I anticipate a friendly and informative discussion, and look forward to either posting your replies, or receiving them publicly. Best, Dainis W. Michel


28 Responsesto “Mike Adams recently announced his financial affiliation with the company Moxxor. Is he letting his subscribers down?”

  1. admin says:

    Here’s a bit of history on this article. When I wrote it, I was shy about releasing it. So I didn’t, but I saved a copy.

    My contacts in natural living circles warned me that writing anything “against” Mike Adams would likely cause a backlash against me. Wow, not that’s political!!!

    At any rate, this is my private little personal blog. A few months ago, I changed it to a WordPress Blog, and I still need to learn how to do all the neat formatting that I could do before. So, this site still needs work!

    The plagiarism hubbub motivated me to create this post, and here’s an interesting question…can I use Mike Adam’s picture as the thumbnail for this article without Mike’s permission?

  2. admin says:

    Oh, also, my “gift” to Mike directly relates to is concept of “Mindful Wealth.” I created affirmations out of the concepts in his newsletter, removed the “fighting” concepts and replaced them with more abundant and harmonious concepts, and I’d like to create an automatic quote randomizer out of the affirmations. I think Mike would like that!

  3. admin says:

    Here’s an idea I had for Mike Adams. What if, instead of creating relationships with companies like Moxxor, he just asked for $20/year from his subscribers?

  4. David says:

    Good job. I’m glad somebody brought this up.
    – David

    • admin says:

      Dear David,

      I read your article about Mike Adams having become a Doomsday Prophet, and isn’t it interesting how your article is sensationalistic as well?

      “Moxxor Pushing Doomsday Prophet” is, at least in my opinion, a sensationalistic title.

      I support Mike in having multiple homes, and I do not feel that the number of homes he may or may not have relates to his authenticity. It’s easy for us to criticize, from where we sit, however, in watching Mike deal with so much anger, we can truly reflect on our own philosophies about wealth, eco-advocacy, health, etc.

      I really do wish mike well, and I feel that this whole discussion brings up really really good points for all of us to contemplate, not the least of which is “where do I begin, if I want to save the planet?”

  5. Hi Dainis,

    I was going to comment on your comment here, but my comment is turning into an entire blog post so I’ll be posting that on my site when it’s ready.

    Yes it is easy to criticize Mike Adams from where I’m sitting.. I’ll explain fully why I feel the way I do. I’ll explain my own personal reasons for disliking/distrusting Mike Adams. And I’ll respond to the particular points you made here.

    If you would like, I’ll pull my support of your article from my site… just let me know.

    • admin says:

      David, just post, man…I’m keeping it chill over here…that’s all. Like a nice cool lemonade on a hot day.

      I’m keepin’ it warm and fuzzy, like a blanket over your shoulders at a late night camp fire.

      More than happy to host yer post!

  6. VJA says:

    Hi Dainis,

    I found your blog while doing research on Moxxor. Wanted to get your perspective on the product. Looking for unbiased opinions from someone with no MLM agenda. (Which is hard to find)I had read Mike Adams many posts on Moxxor and after looking up info on him, he seemed respected in the industry so I decided to give the product a try, buying from a neighbor. There is so much hype about this product on the internet it is really hard to trust anyone’s opinion. Personally, I have been taking 4 to 6 caps a day for 3 weeks and have not noticed any improvement in joint pain, energy or mood. I understand that all bodies are different, Omega 3 is not 100% proven and results will vary. Going to give it a full 60 day trial. Dry eye does seem to be a tad improved. Are there any research web sites or posts where real people are writing real results about this product? I just can’t help but feel a tad leery about it. The MLM hype make it feel a little snake oilish to me and I can’t help but be skeptical that these expensive little capsules are full of fools gold and I’m the fool for buying into the hype. We all want to use quality, trusted products that contain what they are supposed to. Again the MLM aspect just feels slimy and I can’t shake it.

  7. Joe cave says:

    VJA is right in being a tad suspicious. The so called most potent oil is nothing more than a very weak smattering of Green Lip Mussel Oil, (GLMO) a larger proportion of Hoki Fish oil and an anti oxidant. For the , uninformed here are some indisputable facts.

    Moxxor has NO published clinical data for its oil. Instead it has copied the 12 year old results of its competitor, Lyprinol, and, with some creative and very suspect science, has reached some amazing conclusions about the efficacy if its own oil. Also the dose rates of Lyprinol required to achieve the results published would require the consumption of a bottle of pills a day!!! Quackery

    When you tease out the constitutients of the GLMO you find that its DHA and EPA components are pathetically weak. There has been many studies done on the types of oil inherent in the GLM. During the summer months the EPA levels are around 24%, the DHA levels are 19%. Compare those figures to Moxxors GLMO.

    Mike Adams cannot have been given had any logical and scientific proof on the efficacy of the oil,(there is none) he has seen a marketing opportunity and jumped in “boots and all”, he has sold his soul.

    Why would you ever need MLM if this oil is that good, the answer is obvious.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Joe,

      Thanks for sharing. Quantities of this that or the other thing, that is something best handled by others, since I have no expertise with GLMO or DHA, etc. I just don’t follow that kind of stuff, though it has its place of course…

      My response here is really to what you have to say about MLM.

      Why would you ever need MLM if this oil is that good, the answer is obvious.

      Umm, MLM, even 2 and 3 tiered structures, may very well be the only way for excellent products to come to a global marketplace. For example, I have a link to David Wolfe’s “The Best Day Ever” on this site. While I haven’t been a member for a while, I plan on joining the second the site reopens later today. Yes, Mike Adam’s seems to be playing some kind of role in the new “The Best Day Ever” site, which has caused me to think twice about re-joining TBDE, but I’ll join anyway, and even with Moxxor, Mike Adams has done and continues to do a lot of good work. Where I’m going with this is that it does not in any way weaken David Wolfe’s TBDE product that I advertise his site here, and that I would receive a commission, if someone were to make a sale after clicking my link. That, on my end, is not selling out.

      Have I “sold my soul” because I put a David Wolfe affiliate link on this website?

      What if David Wolfe’s TBDE site has made a significant difference in my life, and what if I want to thank him by advertising for him? And what if someone purchases through my link? That means that someone else that I’ve been in contact with may wind up receiving the same or more benefit. I mean, there is an interview with someone at TBDE where a woman works with people and improves their eyesight to the point where they don’t wear glasses anymore…and she does it through coaching, relaxation, breathing, and other techniques.

      Isn’t that wonderful?

      …and doesn’t MLM power that kind of immediate human benefit? Isn’t MLM a driver of innovative products, of heartfelt solutions, of real attempts to provide benefit to humanity?

  8. Joe Cave says:

    Thanks for response admin. However I can’t help but feel that you have dropped the ball, you have avoided the real issues and just defended MLM

    You have to ask yourself why did Mike Adams jumped aboard this Moxxor bandwagon. This oil has absolutely NO clinical data to back up its outrageous claims, the GLMO mussel oil component has 52% Oleic acid (their figures) and had Mike Adams done his due diligence, as he claimed, that fact alone should have set the alarms bells ringing so loud we would have heard them here in New Zealand. Where the hell is that level of Oleic acid coming from. “Normal” mussel oil has 2% Oleic acid. Interestingly olive oil is around 80% oleic acid and yet Moxxor claims that there are no fillers.

    Mike Adams cannot defend the indefensible, and neither should you on his behalf. Just look at the facts, and if you cannot understand DHA and EPA etc find someone who can. They will then ask why has the GLMO component only got 20% of DHA and EPA that would normally have been available, and why have we got 25 times more Oleic acid than we should have.

  9. Hiya Joe Cave,

    You are clearly upset about Mike Adams’ support of Moxxor, and it seems that you find the product to be sub-par.

    What, in your eyes, am I defending?

    I differentiate between Moxxor and MLM.

    My thoughts about MLM have nothing to do with Moxxor. A business structure is a business structure.

    Regarding different acids in supplements, I don’t really find it relevant to me. I would never touch the Moxxor product, so I have no inclination to investigate it. I am starting to collect wild herbs, I practice urine therapy, I eat superfoods, and like I said before…if it is your passion to investigate these kinds of acids and percentages and their benefits and stuff like that…AWESOME…investigate and let us know.

    But, MLM as such, does not taint the business whatsoever.

    I am currently in the process of configuring an affiliate program for curetinnitus.org, which is a website I founded and run. Does that make it MLM? I guess it does, if people get a referral fee. But how else do I get the word out? How else do I build the business? I’m testing out the concept of referral fees at curetinnitus.org, and I will likely try it for my music eBooks as well. Why not?

    If I teach someone how to sight-sing flawlessly because of a $15 eBook I wrote, and I decide to raise the price to $50 at some point and turn it into an online course, and then the person makes a website and sells music and who knows, teaches at a university, well, what is wrong with that person gaining a 35% commission for sales of the eBook and course that basically helped create their whole career and laid a wonderful foundation of musical knowledge for them?

    I only bring up the music eBooks, because referral fees can apply to anything, any business, and if Moxxor were providing a high-quality life-nurturing vegan and vegetarian friendly sustainable product, then if MLM were a part of their business structure, then good for them!

    The point for you, it seems to me, is that Mike really is letting his subscribers down, though the more I think of it, if MLM is NOT a part of a product offering, THEN I find their product more likely to be suspect.

    Think about it. Someone is making product X in out of their home/garage/basement…whatever. How do they grow? If they just want to supply locally and are happy with that, great. But what if they want to distribute their product globally? What business form do you suggest?

    It’s not like you can just get stuff onto a store shelf.

    So, to summarize, I find that the following are completely separate topics:

    1) The quality of a product
    2) The business structure of a company (MLM, traditional…)
    3) Ethics and Sustainability

    So, that means an MLM company can be ethical or not, but being an MLM company does not in any way imply lack of ethics.

    Does that make sense?

  10. Joe Cave says:

    Moxxor is just rubbish and one can only wonder what Mike Adams reasons are for backing this product. He is supposed to be some sort of Guru and had he examined the C of A of the oil he would have very quickly realised how baseless Moxxor’s claims are.

    It certainly is not the most powerful oil ever, quite the reverse. Save your money and don’t get caught up in the hype.

    Joe Cave

  11. Joe cave says:

    Hi Dainis

    I see that the Moxxor leaders have their head in the sand, certainly no response to my comments. In the American system who can you approach if you know that the claims of a company are baseless and in some instances just plain lies. Regardless of our thoughts on the MLM system of marketing there should be a strict protection for those of the MLM fraternity who are led down the garden path by being misinformed on aspects of the product that they may seek to market. Please advise the revelant authority that I should approach. Its not a contentious issue to resolve, I will just forward extracts of their published information with information that they can use as a standard.

    I am still baffled by the presence of 52% oleic acid in the analysis of the GLMO component. That particular acid is around 1-2% in standard GLMO. Further compounding confusion is the presence of 12.1% Linoleic Acid in their analysis, that is also around 1-2% in the GLMO standard.

    Just totalling those two acids and we have around 60% of their expensive GLMO
    component that you can get from Olive oil. In fact those two components are the major components of olive oil. You must be able to see why there are grave elements of concern. How do these two acids get there in those ratios unless their is a filler used, something that Moxxor absolutely deny. The science simply does not stack up.

    It could well be that the USA Government allows companies to make false claims and if that is the case, then it is a sorry state of affairs.

    Joe Cave

  12. Joe Cave says:

    Despite numerous posting on various blogs about the presence of fillers in Moxxor, not one of the Moxxor leaders has stuck his/her head above the parapet to defend this product.

    “Why not” should be the question from those in doubt. I have laid a grave charge against the company and yet “the experts” remain silent.

    Jeremy Harris could easily respond, and yet silence. Equally, either of the Turners could answer my queries, again, silence.
    Mike Adams, a self proclaimed Health Ranger and Moxxor guru could answer, more silence.

    The question is very simple, why is there 64% of two common (and very cheap)lipids in the mussel oil component of Moxxor. By addition of the filler there is now more Omega 6 in the mussel oil than the combined Omega 3′s, and around six times more Omega 9 than the combined Omega 3′s.
    Consequently there are eight times more Omega 6 and Omega 9 than the valuable Omega 3′s.

    Here is the nub of the problem. In our mussel oil extractions Omega 3′s OUTNUMBER these two Omegas acids (Oleic and Linoleic) by twenty to one.

    What the hell is going on. The Moxxor MLM fraternity should demand a published explanation to the above. I am sure the FTC will be just as interested.

  13. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the tremendous lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates.

    • admin says:

      if only “your” most-likely automated, not human-written, or really intended for me comment were actually directed at me and my writing. Thanks and reply if you are a real person…

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