Liferamble Response to Member B

Got this email:

Hi Dainis

When is the next show? No. 28??

How is the website dev going?

I am trying to help by making comments and posting when I can………………


…and I started responding and realized that I wanted to ramble publicly with my response. The reason is that I can then point other friends and family to the post and we can talk about what’s up.


Hi B,

Frankly, I have fallen behind a bit in my work. there is a part of me that wants to create a well being focused site for when tinnitus becomes less relevant but is not gone.

i started a while back, but it got hacked to the ground (we’re talking $200-800 in credit card fraud attempts per day), so i put all the info out at

So, my work at has been a bit slowed down. Still, my plan for today is to work on the site structure. I might put the graphic header in. I also want the membership signup process to work, which is a pretty big deal and will involve installing a bunch of software at

Right now, I am at the turning point of needing a team to help me, because doing everything myself is overwhelming.

I am taking concrete steps in my interpersonal relationships to be in a safe, nurturing space with safe nurturing people. I have not seen that process through yet, and now because I decided to post publicly, it’s interesting what I’m willing to talk openly about.


Anyway, blessings and talk soon,


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