Jeff Walker Cowers Under New FTC Rulings

Jeff Walker Cowers Under New FTC Rulings

Jeff Walker Cowers Under New FTC Rulings, And Now There’s One Notch Less Truth On The Internet

Jeff Walker just published an article here:

that outlines how he used to sell by allowing his customers to tell the truth about their experience with his product. But because of new FTC rulings about “testimonials,” Jeff has decided to pull all of his case studies from his sales process for the following reason:

In the past I was able to publish these Case
Studies with the disclaimer that “results are not
typical”… but according to the new FTC rules,
that disclaimer will no longer do.

In order to keep publishing the Case Studies, I
will need to state what results ARE typical.

Unfortunately, the FTC has yet to define how I’m
supposed to measure or declare what’s typical…
and I’m not willing to be a test case.

Folks, this is really sad. People afraid of fines and jail time for telling the truth. Using the truth to sell. What a concept. Jeff, I totally understand your choice. I’ve been wrong plenty of times before, and my online marketing has nowhere near the stature yours does.

From where I sit, as someone who is deeply committed to consistent kindness, honesty, and integrity, I’d like to propose an alternate solution:

“Go in the opposite direction and absolutely claim your truth!”

I believe we need people who do just that, instead of shirking into the shadows because of this FTC ruling. I believe we need people who hold their clients accountable for themselves, instead of creating mass double-standards. You could, for example, design a comment form for EVERY SINGLE ONE of your customers.

You could ask them targeted questions and calculate the results. Questions could be 1) What percentage of PLF did you implement 2) From your own perspective, how thorough were you in following the PLF guidelines 3) How many months have you owned the product 4) How many total hours have you spent on your PLF-enabled business 5) How much money have you made where you can honestly say that PLF helped you make that money, etc. Then, you could actually calculate something like 9.75% of our customers generate more than $30,000 per year supported by PLF.

Now THAT, is transparency. AND, it enables you to position each testimonial in a calculated, tracked and completely honest AVERAGE result.

People know darn well that they need to apply themselves to get results, and frankly, those who “benefit” the most from these new “rules” would likely NEVER have the balls to create such transparency.

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